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Fast-drying boots

boots-200x148Q. I’m going to Northern Tier High Adventure Base this summer and need a pair of boots that can dry quickly. They need to be light, closed-toe, fast-drying and fast-draining, considering I might be walking in water. What’s the best choice?
— Ely-Bound Alex, Alpharetta, Ga.

A. Good question, Alex. I contacted Carl Boyles, director of program at Northern Tier. His recommendation: “Aqua socks, dive boots, athletic shoes or river rafting shoes do not work well in canoe country because of the rocky environment. Northern Tier recommends a ‘jungle’ or military-style boot, often called a combat boot. These boots not only drain water well, but they have excellent ankle support. And the soles of these boots also hold up well against the sharp rocks that make up the terrain here. Finally, it should be made in the USA — as we’ve found those made overseas don’t hold up.”

Northern Tier’s online trading post sells Jungle Boots from Wellco, a major supplier of the U.S. Army for $59.95 at

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  1. Eagle musican // March 9, 2015 at 5:19 am // Reply

    Ok so I have wide feet and I can’t find good waterproof boots that don’t cost over $400 and mink oil don’t really help with keeping water out because I have tried it hundreds of times! Any help?

  2. Waterproof doesn’t mean that they don’t get wet inside. It just means that the water doesn’t seep through the fabric. Once wet inside the waterproofing helps keep the wet inside. They take forever to dry and it won’t happen at camp. Mucks, Ducks and hunters are great for what they were designed to do; schlogging through muck and goo.

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