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What Thanksgiving Food Are You?

If you were a Thanksgiving food, what would you be? A dinner roll? Pumpkin pie? Use our quiz to find out!

15 Comments on What Thanksgiving Food Are You?

  1. Stuffing/dressing

  2. veggies

  3. I got Dinner Rolls. Lemme just say, I am NOT quiet

  4. I am a roll.The discription says I’m quiet….nope! Nice quiz though.

  5. if you are at a party, and you need to bring something, bring gravy. people might look at you like ur crazy but at the end of the night the gravy will be gone!lol GRAVY😎

  6. vegetables lets get it

  7. I’m a potato! I’m a potato!

  8. gravy

  9. 1:Cranberries

  10. CapAmarica // July 20, 2019 at 7:07 am // Reply

    I’m gravy

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