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Online Games

You can play these fun games on your computer if you have the Flash plugin installed. If you have a tablet or phone, try our mobile games.

Balloon Shoot

Help Akela clear all the targets in each level of this slingshot game. Bonus points for accurate shooting make it a real challenge.

Merit Badge Quest

Find the hidden merit badge on each level and bring it back to the scoutmaster before it's too late.

Whitewater Rafting

Navigate your raft through the various whitewater obstacles, completing each level as fast as you can to earn extra points.

Super Beanbag Toss

The targets in our Super Beanbag Toss move faster and faster as you progress. See if you can make it through all six levels.

Rocket Racer

Land your rocket at the supply stations and return to headquarters to complete each level.

Cub Scout Skateboarding

The sidewalks have been cleared for Akela to skate. Help him collect arrow points and jump over obstacles as he proceeds toward the finish line.

Pinewood Derby game

Choose and customize your own pinewood derby-style car to race. Take first place to proceed to more challenging courses.

Puzzle Challenge

This puzzle challenge features a new picture every day. See how quickly you can assemble it.

Merit Badge Challenge

Try to guess the letters in the name of the merit badge. Six mistakes, and the mail burro gets dunked.

Comic Creator

Build your own comic strip, featuring Pedro, Pee Wee, and friends.

Multi-code Machine

Learn many forms of communication including basic sign language, braille, semiphores, and more.

Morse Code Machine

Learn and practice Morse code with this online Morse code training program.