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Magic in a Minute

Pop Bottle Hop magic trick

For this cool bit of conjuring, you'll need an empty glass pop bottle that's been sitting in the freezer for about 20 minutes and a wet penny.

Pick Trick magic trick

Tell your audience to watch the toothpick closely. Snap your fingers and quickly open both hands to reveal that the toothpick has vanished into thin air.

Tip Toe Tack magic trick

Upon your command, a pushpin comes to live and rises to attention, proving that you have one mightly powerful brain.

One Cent Wonder magic trick

Here's a dollar's worth of deception for a fraction of the cost. All you need is a penny and a 3"x3" piece of paper.

Gone in a Snap magic trick

Here's a million dollar trick for a fraction of the price. All you need is a penny and a couple of hands with the usual assortment of fingers.

Shell Shock magic trick

For this egg-cellent trick, you'll need one raw egg, a sheet of white paper, clear tape and a needle.

Knot on the Spot magic trick

Here's a trick that gets more amazing the faster you can do it. For these high-speed hijinks you'll need a 3-foot-long piece of rope.

AbraCAPdabra magic trick

For this trick you'll need a pen with a cap. Begin by offering friends your autograph. If they say they don't want your autograph, tell them they will very shortly.

What’s Cappening magic trick

With this dandy bit of deception, you'll have folks believing that you alone can make a pen cap become magnetically attracted to its pen.

The Good, The Bad and The Monkey magic trick

Here's a nifty trick that's a snap to do. All you'll need are a dollar bill, a couple of paper clips and a greedy monkey who covets your dollar. If your monkey is out for repairs, a friend will do.

CD Trickery magic trick

Here's a spooky little levitation trick. All you need is a CD and a pair of hands with the usual assortment of fingers.

Kung Fu Hairdo joke

Mac King's assistant, Lewis, is away on monkey business. But his friend, Monkey Goudeau, is here to teach you a great trick using only a rubber band.

Cup Pick Up magic trick

Have you ever wanted to turn a quarter into a penny using a coffee cup? Well then, this is the trick for you!

Sticky Tricky joke

Do you love practical jokes? Do you love pancakes? Put them together and you've got yourself one mighty sweet trick!

Giggly Wiggly joke

It's no secret that the ability to wiggle your ears is the key to popularity. Here's a way to become the world's greatest ear wiggler using some string and a couple of adhesive bandages.

Lemony Letter magic trick

Have you ever wanted to be a secret agent? If so, here's a little trick that you can use to pass along a top-secret message to another secret agent without the risk of it falling into enemy hands.

Currency Exchange magic trick

magic-200x148Here's a sleight of hand trick that every magician should know. With a little practice, you'll be making coins vanish quicker than a monkey at a banana vending machine.

Incog-neato joke

magic-200x148Whether you're a wanted criminal or just a kid who didn't do his chores, here's a fast and easy disguise to protect you from those who would see you brought to justice.

Silverware Sorcery magic trick

magic-200x148This trick gives new meaning to the phrase "cut the deck." Tell a friend to shuffle a deck of cards while you go get a nice shiny butter knife.

From Pear to Thin Air joke

magic-200x148This trick is so simple a monkey could do it. To prove this, Mac King has asked his assistant Lewis to demonstrate. Enjoy!

Cat’N Crunch joke

magic-200x148I'm sure you're aware that cats make fine pets, but did you know that they also make fine magic tricks?

No-Neck Casanova joke

magic-200x148Everyone knows that the ladies go bananas for a classy guy in a silk scarf. But did you know they go super bananas for a guy who can make a scarf pass through his neck?

Yanky Pranky joke

magic-200x148Here's a fun prank disguised as an imagination test. All you need is an imaginary piece of string and a friend with a good sense of humor.

Card Curl Up magic trick

magic-200x148Want to learn one of the easiest tricks ever? You do? Well, go get a deck of cards and Mac King will show you how.

Tears of a Coin magic trick

magic-200x148It's not nice to make the president cry, but if you must, here's a nifty way to do it without attracting the attention of the Secret Service.

Snip A Strip magic trick

magic-200x148When your friend cuts a strip of paper into two pieces, he's unknowingly done your bidding. To his amazement, the paper is cut in the exact spot you wanted.