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Magic in a Minute

Knots-O-Fun magic trick

magic-200x1481Next time you're dining in a fancy restaurant, give this trick a try. All you need is a cloth napkin and a captive audience. And no audience is more captive than a bunch of folks waiting for their tater tots to cool.

Vegetable Visionary joke

magic-200x1481Here's a trick that is amazing when it works and silly when it doesn't. Start by asking a friend these simple questions.

Fish Bait mystery

goldfish-200x148Clay and Kelly both claim the goldfish is theirs. How can Mac King determine the fish's real owner?

The Wailing Wall joke

magic-200x1481If you want to play a great practical joke on your mom, get a sheet of white paper and check this out.

Hanky Panky magic trick

magic-200x148Most of us don't need a magic trick to make money vanish. For those who do, here is a great one. You'll need a quarter and a bandana.

Spin Doctor mystery

magic-200x1481A bully is accused of stealing Kelly's favorite CD, but they can't find where he hid it. See if you can solve the mystery.

Pix Trix joke

I can't really bend my body in half as depicted in this picture, but I'm able to create the illusion that I can by using this simple bit of photo trickery.

Swamp Sting mystery

A getaway car sank in the swamp. How does the criminal plan to get it out? See if you can solve the mystery.

Soaker Joker

Your friend turns on the faucet and gets sprayed with water. It's a funny practical joke, and Mac King shows you how to do it.

A safe bet mystery

How did Mac King know that Finger Lawson didn't rob the safe? See if you can solve the mystery.

Water on the brainless joke

This is really a practical joke masquerading as a magic trick. To do it, you need two glasses of water and a friend with a really good sense of humor.