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A Campfire Tale of Athletics Merit Badge

If Beith wants to shoot 3s, then he needs NBA megastar Steph Curry. With his coaching, Beith will be sinking 3-pointers like it’s chicken ring day in the cafetorium.

Pedro the Mailburro Takes Up Tennis

Pedro wants to be a tennis star, and has begun his training. How well do you think that went? Special thanks to the Arlington Tennis Center for use of the

Write a funny caption for this video

What’s going on in this video? What are those puppies doing, and what are they thinking? Write your funniest caption for this video and we’ll post it for everyone to read.

Boys’ Life in another 100 years

Every month, you have the chance to ask Pedro questions in the Hitchin’ Rack. But earlier this year, it was PEDRO’S turn to ask YOU a question. Dozens of you made videos answering his question for a chance to win a cool prize. Here are the four winners.