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Video of a Super-Fast Pinewood Derby Track

Cub Scouts competing in a pinewood derby in Indiana didn’t get to see much of the action. The giant track made the cars zip by so fast, you could only hear them.

The Crossroads of America Council built the track inside the Indiana State Museum. The track was more than two stories tall and 125 feet long — almost as long as a Boeing 737 airplane.

8 Comments on Video of a Super-Fast Pinewood Derby Track

  1. mind blowing awesome

  2. that last car at the end of the video was pretty darn slow!

  3. that speed was mind boggling, it should be in slow motion

  4. The track should be a whole lot longer

  5. i feel sorry for the super slow cars the kids who made it must have been crying their eyes out

    • Yeah but it was just a race for fun. Besides, their dad probably made most of the car. they just painted or something. At least they didn’t work REALLY hard like their dad did on it.

  6. that was freaken awsome

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