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Listen to BL’s interview with British adventurer Tom Avery

On April 6, 1909, Robert Peary and five other explorers became the first to thrust a flag into the North Poleโ€™s icy terrain. The expedition from Canadaโ€™s Ellesmere Island took only 37 days. When they returned to civilization, some skeptics greeted the group: How could they have reached the top of the world so quickly?

Nearly 100 years later, British adventurer Tom Avery set out to recreate Pearyโ€™s journey. The goal: to prove a team using sled dogs could reach the pole in 37 days.

Avery and his team made it to the top with only five hours to spare. Boysโ€™ Life recently spoke to Tom about his trip. Read about it in the February 2010 issue of BL, and listen to exclusive excerpts by clicking on the audio players below:

On what he loves about cold weather and snow:

On tricks they used to stay warm:

On the history behind adventuring:

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