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Building a trail in North Carolina

The partially completed Mountains-to-Sea Trail in North Carolina will eventually stretch 930 miles from the Atlantic Ocean to the Appalachian Mountains. Over the past 25 years, Scouts and many other volunteers have worked to mark and clear different sections of the trail. They’ve finished about half of it, but trail-building will be needed for many years to come.

Watch as North Carolina Scouts fend off ticks, poison ivy and some thick vegetation to help clear a portion of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. To learn more about the project, see the “Trail Builders” article in the August 2010 issue of Boys’ Life magazine.

7 Comments on Building a trail in North Carolina

  1. there very hardworking good job boys 🙂

  2. These scouts are doing great! I can’t wait to try out the trail when it’s finished!

  3. Happy scout // July 31, 2010 at 4:46 pm // Reply

    well done boys well done

  4. Good to see that the trail is being fixed up in more of the middle of the state. I suppose we’ve got it good here in the mountains where the MTS is already as good at the AT. Though of course it requires ongoing maintenance as does any trail. I’m glad the Boy Scouts are involved in building “North Carolina’s Trail”.

  5. Scoutng Rocks // July 26, 2010 at 1:48 pm // Reply

    What a great project for Scouting nad the community. I can’t wait to read the whole article.

  6. Congratulations! I look forward to reading more about it. Thanks.

  7. This is a great story about Scouts helping others by building this trail. Keep up the good work guys!

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