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How to Tie a Taut-Line Hitch

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To create an adjustable loop that stays in place, use the taut-line hitch. This is the knot to use for staking out the guy lines of your tent or dining fly.

  • Pass the running end of the rope around the tent stake.
  • Bring the end over and around the standing part, then back through the loop that has formed.
  • Go around the standing part inside the loop again (this time closer to the tent stake).
  • Going in the same direction, take the end around the standing part outside the loop to tie another half-hitch.
  • Work any slack out the knot.
  • Slide the hitch to tighten or loosen the line.


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  1. im finally getting my scout rank

  2. sincere thanks! I’m an Eagle Scout since 1964, but could not remember the taut line hitch!

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