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Eagle Scouts Cycling Across America

A group of Eagle Scouts from Virginia are getting ready to bike all the way across the country, and they’re inviting Eagle Scouts from all across the country to bike with them.

Troop 165 in Fredericksburg, Va., was featured on the cover of the May 2011 issue of Boys’ Life for a 2,000-mile, 33-day cycling trip that they had completed the previous summer.

This summer, a group of Eagle Scouts from Troop 165 is planning on going even farther. They’ll be biking from Stinson Beach near San Francisco, Calif., to Virginia Beach, Va. Sixty-three days (55 of which are riding days — yes, they’re allowed to take breaks); 3,770 miles, for an average of more than 68 miles per day.

They call themselves Eagle Scouts Cycling Across America. Why are they doing it? To quote their webpage:

The Scouts of Troop 165 want to show the nation that there are still those who value the outdoors and recognize the importance of exercise and self-discipline.

They’re also inviting any Eagle Scout out there to ride with them for any portion of the trip.

Also, check out what they did here.

To find out more about ESCAA, or to contact them about supporting their efforts, click here, or download this file.


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