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A Few Changes To The Swimming Merit Badge

The Swimming merit badge is one of the most popular badges to earn during the summer. Starting this summer, the badge is even better.

There are new requirements, updated requirements, and obsolete requirements that have been deleted.

The changes include more focus on correct stroke mechanics and the removal of requirements involving snorkeling, competitive swimming and CPR have been removed.

In 2014, you can use either the old requirements or the new ones to earn your Swimming merit badge. Starting in 2015, you’ll have to use the new ones.

For a complete list of the new requirements, check out this Scouting magazine blog entry.


Comments about “A Few Changes To The Swimming Merit Badge”

  1. Someone says:

    Well I ‘m glad i already got my swimming merit badge. I thought learning a bit of CPR was really cool.

  2. Uniquely Me says:

    I completely disagree with CPR being taken out!

    • Jimbo says:

      I’m a swimming merit badge counselor and I have always thought that CPR was misplaced in the swimming merit badge. It’s a good skill to have, but it should be taught in a CPR class not a swimming merit badge class.

    • elephantLOver says:

      Me too they should still have that on there!

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