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The American Spirit Award Goes To …

The American Spirit Award, one of our nation’s highest civilian honors for youth, has been given to Spencer Zimmerman, a 15-year-old Eagle Scout from Arizona’s Grand Canyon Council.

The award — presented to Spencer by the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation — recognizes youth who demonstrate extraordinary skill, professionalism and a spirit of excellence in a challenging situation.

Spencer was honored in part for the triathlon in which he competed with his friend Dayton Haward, who has cerebral palsy. Dayton, who has trouble speaking and moving, was pulled, pushed and carried by Spencer through a 500-meter swim, a 3.2-mile run and a 12-mile bike ride.

“I’m honored to receive the American Spirit Award, but the credit goes to Dayton,” says Spencer. “Despite the challenges he faces, he has great spirit. Throughout the training and race, I was just his legs. I believe there’s no reason why Dayton shouldn’t have the opportunity to do what everyone else does.”

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