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Search and Rescue Merit Badge

It’s pretty darn easy to get lost in the wilderness. One poor decision or one mental lapse can land anyone in the middle of nowhere without the slightest clue how to get out.

That’s when search-and-rescue teams come in handy.

And though the average Boy Scout isn’t qualified to lead a full-fledged search-and-rescue mission, they can Be Prepared to help out when needed. That’s where the brand-new Search And Rescue merit badge comes in handy.

Announced just this week by the BSA, the S&R merit badge will cover skills like working around specialized teams such as aircraft, canine, and aquatic rescue teams, and identifying differences between search and rescue environments, such as coastal, wilderness, rural, and urban landscapes.

Check the Boys’ Life merit badge requirements section for the Search And Rescue requirements as soon as they’re available.

Of course, the key to not getting lost is to stay found.

Unfortunately, mistakes happen, people make poor decisions, and there’s always a need for search-and-rescue teams that are prepared to help out.

Comments about “Search and Rescue Merit Badge”

  1. kotwu says:

    working on it is fun.

  2. Weirdo12243 says:

    TX TF1 was very helpful in certain tragedies

  3. Sushiman177 says:

    I want to be a fireman and I think this merit badge would help me as I grow up. :)


    looks awesome

  5. says: says:

    this should be an eagle required, lifesaving, emerg. preparedness, or this

  6. scout T41 says:

    looks cool

  7. Merit badges rock and rule says:

    Wow that and has to be one of the best mb’s I’ve ever seen

  8. applejack56 says:

    i like first aide is great.

  9. zoomer says:

    i want to earn it

  10. JAM says:

    I am happy that this merit badge has been added, I think it will be very helpful and informative. I have a friend who just became an Eagle scout and this is the field he is interested in. I will be telling him about this new merit badge.

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