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Driving Like The Flintstones

In an old cartoon called “The Flintstones,” a Stone Age family drove around in cars made out of wood, rope and round stones. Around 10 years ago, a Scout from Troop 122 in Overland Park, Kan., had the brilliant idea of using pioneering skills to build cars similar to those used by the Flintstones.

A decade later, Troop 122’s tradition is still going strong. The Scouts split into two patrols and build car-like devices out of wood tied together with lashings. To ensure safety, the adults help build the vehicles’ axles, but the rest of the cars are built entirely by the Scouts.

Unlike the Flintstones’ cars, Troop 122’s use wooden wheels. And the vehicle doesn’t go more than a few miles per hour, even when being pushed downhill.

Click here to see video of the car in action, or skip to the 1:56 mark of the video below.

And, just for your reference, check out the Flintstones’ car (first seen at the 12-second mark) that inspired Troop 122’s tradition.

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