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Summer’s Almost Over … How Was Camp?!?

Summer’s pretty much over. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

The most depressing thing about the end of summer? Not that you have to go back to school; instead, it’s that Boy Scout camp is over and done.

How was your summer camp experience?

Troop 318 from Orland Park, Ill., certainly made the most of theirs, camping at Ransburg Scout Reservation in Bloomington, Ind. When the week was over, the Scouts had earned a total of 168 merit badges, along with 19 rank advancements.

Nice work, boys. I’m sure you can’t wait until next summer to do it all again.

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  1. SecondClassScout says:

    My first camp was Awesome! I earned 6 merit badges and two ranks (Tenderfoot and Second Class)!!!!

  2. boyscout400 says:

    CEDERS IS AWESOME!! Thank you boy scouts for giving me this opportunity.

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