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He saved his family from Hurricane Katrina

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  1. coolbree10 says:

    man your awsome you are a true hero in my book

  2. andy says:

    W-O-W……..I’m speechless

  3. ko ko says:

    That is amasing!!!!!!

  4. Part or Pack 1 says:

    Wow, Nice save dude! You rock!

  5. tomawak says:

    dud you rock man!

  6. Boys R cool says:

    You did something really brave and that makes everyone happy.

  7. R45 says:


  8. masterbounds says:

    That was a cool podcast i wouldn’t mind being a hero like Jimmy Kennedy and earn awards like him for heroism.

  9. Mariotornado says:

    That was a great story! I could picture if that happened to us even though we don’t get hurricanes we can still get floods in Missouri and it could happen to us.

  10. lil j says:

    hes so brave

  11. coookol says:

    cool dude

  12. baron von ron says:

    I wish i was as brave as you. ypu led me to get emergincy prepardiness merit badge

  13. jr says:

    cool saving

  14. skotdilind says:

    i wood do the same very important thing.

  15. catsanddogs says:

    Now that’s some real heroism.

  16. jacob says:

    i think that is the coolest thing i have ever herd

  17. Helpthevictims621 says:


  18. ajlove says:


  19. bear 1 says:

    I loved it

  20. e12b95 says:

    this convinced me to get emergency preprepardness before lifesaving

  21. SHOTGUN says:


  22. Weblos TJ says:

    Wow, now that is a true story of a scout in action!

  23. wolfscoutingfan says:

    Oh my! I can’t believe that you survived! You are a brave Scout in Action. A true Scout in Action.

  24. rhino says:

    that must of been scary

  25. vladimir says:

    wow that must have been preaty scary at the time

  26. BUBBAT says:

    PRETTY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  27. j.b. says:

    your’e awsome

  28. Mattoskater345 says:

    Very brave of Jimmy

  29. Jamer12 says:

    That is a scout in action right there.

  30. apache says:

    cool dude

  31. randomperson says:

    thats amazing

  32. viniboy says:

    you’re very brave!!!

  33. viniboy says:

    too soft…I can’t hear

  34. skatershoeboy196 says:

    That is completly amazing. I can’t believe that you could do that. ROCK ON DUDE.

  35. scorpion potroll says:

    that is scary

  36. fordoguy says:

    that was sweet

  37. star* says:

    jimmy ts a real heroe. truly A-mazing!!!!!!

  38. wondi says; makes me says:

    makes me want to cry

  39. Migual says:

    That is truly amazing

  40. tobi says:

    thats awesome

  41. Double C says:


  42. snow board says:

    that is a great story how is the dogs and your family

  43. Marquito says:

    Jimmy,you are the bravest boy scout I have heard about in S.I.A!!!!

  44. Gdog says:

    Jimmy is a TRUE HERO in every way

  45. you says says:


  46. bob says:

    that is wow

  47. Pato says:

    I hope Jimmy and his mom are back home and safe.

  48. i says:

    Truely amazing

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