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They Saved the Baby from the River!

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  1. Greg says:

    Wow I was scared! What a good way to save that baby.Good job!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Scottish Drummer says:

    cool gyes sweet work u all r AWSOME!!

  3. dog says:

    you guys did the right thing in the right way. AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Boy Scout (scout) says:

    I totaly admire any scout thats risks his life to save another

  5. b-boy says: says:

    good job

  6. motoj says:

    could you not have not fished the baby out with a fishing rod LOL!!!!

  7. el taquito says:

    You guys are truly awesome scouts. I’m very glad you lived up to a scout life.

  8. SC1795 says:

    You guys are awesome!

  9. coolguy73 says:

    awsome job

  10. awesomeness says:

    you guys are really brave

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Mymutedog says:

    Awesome John and Christian! If I were with you guys… Our dads could’ve gave us $10 bucks! Keep up the good work boys.

  13. party artey says:

    nice job well done

  14. cool says:

    GOOD JOB! It’s amazing that you were able to save that baby.

  15. lookinggood42 says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    good job

  17. yoshi says:

    THATS A good job!!!

  18. Pedro says:

    Congratulations Christian and John! I prefer the comic

  19. scout24 says:

    Nice job John! That baby could of drawn

  20. r2-d2 says:

    it was cool

  21. i saved the baby says:

    guys thanks for the positive comments, I am christian from the article thanks!

  22. bman says:

    well done

  23. bman says:

    amazing job

  24. mississippi says:

    awesome, cool. That was totaly God at work!

  25. mississippi says:

    awesome, cool story. I really liked it…

  26. jake says:

    wow i cant belive he did that

  27. j11111 says:

    i think that was awsome!

  28. M13 says:

    cool good job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. penguin boy 412 says:

    WOW! You guys are awesome! If I was that baby I would be overjoyed!

  30. 344 says:

    Good work, way to think quick!

  31. bob says:


  32. claybug says:

    wow i would give you a billion dollars for that not just a medal.

  33. t bone says:


  34. joefo15 says:

    wow! that is really cool. was it at the platte river?

  35. The Honduran guy says:

    Hi! I am a boyscout in Honduras, a little country in Central America. Those guys were very brave! WOW!

  36. pizzaboy says:

    You guys are amazing. god and sent you to there for a reson!

  37. Mompson says:

    Amazing, just amazing!

  38. qwerty says:

    John and Cristian. To bad they cant both be superman

  39. Cake 103 says:

    If I were you I would have done the exact same thing. Nice job, chap!

  40. mutantfrog-monkey says:

    You guys are awesome!!! Thank the Lord for such a coincidence of two just trained

    scouts there at the right time!!!

  41. Flamefreak says:

    nice work guys

  42. Boy scout says:

    GOOOOOO! BOY SCOUTS that is really scouting in action

  43. wolflvr says:

    Thank God for John and Christian,for being there and knowing what to do,they are true Heroes,and lets not forget to Thank the BSA for teaching what to do in an emergency situation,and not to panic (which these boys didnt) so Kudo to you John,and Christian as an uncle and as a Webelos Leader I thank you

  44. da Scout says:

    If those two wern’t there that infant would have died.John&Christian are awsome HEROS!

  45. slick says:


  46. exodia says:

    they were put there for a reasen

  47. skullhead says:

    that baby could of been was so least it lived.

  48. lefty says:

    you are a hero! you saved the baby from the river!

  49. Koskovich9 says:

    She was blessed that god had you two that close and to notice her!

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