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Reverse Lunge


A few keys to remember:

· Progress gradually. Don’t try to do too much too soon. Listen to your body. When you need a rest, rest.

· A solid program must train both the upper and lower body.

· Know why you are performing each exercise. Set goals and lift weights because you want to, not because someone wants you to.

· Always breathe during a repetition and go through a full range of motion.

· Always consult with your family doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

Comments about “Reverse Lunge”

  1. Doc says:

    This is basically a one-leg squat exercise. Instead of stepping forward into the lunge position, you are extending one leg behind you as you drop down. Keep the motion slow and controlled both going down and up. This works the glutes and quadriceps.

  2. white says:

    i dont get it

  3. wilber says:

    that is good and short video

  4. beanie says:

    These really help if your trying to stretch out those muscles!

  5. C-note says:

    not very discriptive

  6. wes da man says:

    I wish it was more descriptive, i do not exacly get it.

  7. u knew me says:

    do it right or dont do it if u do it wrong its just ganna hurt u in the long run

  8. beatles says:

    It is very cooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. slothblob says:

    this realy does burn whaen done correctly do max. reps

  10. Chuckles says:

    This is weird

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  • Here's a simple dumbbell-based program to get you started.

    Work the first circuit, with one minute rest between exercises. Then rest for a couple minutes -- however long it takes to get your heart back to a normal, resting rhythm -- and complete the second circuit. Start with one set of 10 repetitions each per circuit and gradually improve until you can do three sets of each circuit.

    First circuit:
    Reverse Lunge
    One-Arm Shoulder Press
    One-Arm Lat Row
    One-Leg Calf Extension
    Biceps Flexion (Curl)

    Second circuit:
    Wide Squat
    Chest Press
    Rear Delt Row
    Narrow Squat
    Triceps Extension
    One-Leg Raise
    Trunk Flex

    To make sure you're progressing to your goals, record in a training log the number of sets, repetitions and resistance for each exercise in a training session.

    The log will help you figure out if you're doing the right thing and when you're ready to increase resistance. It'll also help you remember the order of exercises and how to do them.

    >> Download a training log