Photo gallery of professional Lego art

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  1. Kulkul says:

    My favorite is the fish!!!!!

  2. enderdude157 says:

    for the one with the les’ miserables sign,is it in Times Square?

  3. Seanimo says:

    SO much MORE than AWESOME

  4. edster says:

    these are really AWESOME!!!!!!!!! AND COOL

  5. B-29 SuperFortress says:

    these are just amazing. btw, in the one with the two heads, the one on the left wearing a bowler hat and sunglasses, doesnt the one on the right look like Grant Imahara from mythbusters?

  6. P'rick says:

    You guys need to make a minecraft man and other stuf!And you will make alot of money good job!

  7. Nana says:

    That is cool

  8. zerodude58 says:

    I like the band. how do u make the trombone?

  9. Lego Man 1111 says:

    Awesome creations, wish I had that talent :)

  10. minecraft 123 says:

    I wish I could make a BBIIGG structure like those but I do not have a lot of lego’s in the same colors unless I take the chance to sort them out that will take me forever!!!

  11. D-dog says:

    Dude you guys are so good!!!

  12. THE WHAT says:


  13. hank says:

    somebody save Han!!!!!!

  14. lego master says:

    wow. just plain wow.

  15. masonater says:


  16. legoguy283 says:

    wow these lego creations r AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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