Who is the best quarterback of all time?

In eight seasons in the National Football League, Tom Brady has worked his way up from a bench-warming rookie into possibly the best quarterback ever. His story is told in an article in the September 2008 issue of Boys’ Life magazine.

But there are plenty of other great quarterbacks in NFL history. Here is a summary of some of them in alphabetical order. Take a look, and then vote for the best quarterback of all time.

TERRY BRADSHAW (Pittsburgh Steelers, 1970-83): First to win four Super Bowl titles (’74, ’75, ’78, ’79). Two-time Super Bowl MVP. Hall of Fame class of 1989.

TOM BRADY (New England Patriots, 2001-present): Won one NFL Most Valuable Player award and two Super Bowl MVPs. Won three of the four Super Bowls in which he has played. Holds the NFL record for most touchdown passes in a season.

JOHN ELWAY (Denver Broncos, 1983-98): Led Broncos on “The Drive” in 1986 AFC title game in cold and wind at Cleveland, moving 98 yards to beat the clock and force overtime that led to 23-20 victory. Two Super Bowl titles, including one Super Bowl MVP. Hall of Fame class of 2004.

BRETT FAVRE (Green Bay Packers, 1991-2007): Holds NFL passing records for TDs (442), yards (61,655), completions (5,377) and interceptions (228). Seven-time All-Pro and three-time NFL MVP. Led Green Bay to consecutive Super Bowls in 1996, when they beat the Patriots, and 1997, when they lost to the Broncos.

PEYTON MANNING (Indianapolis Colts, 1998-present): Foremost rival to Tom Brady for supremacy among current QBs. Led 2006 Colts to Super Bowl title and was named MVP. Two-time NFL MVP. Six-time All-Pro.

DAN MARINO (Miami Dolphins, 1983-99): Repeated knee surgeries limited mobility but still achieved terrific career statistics — 420 TDs, 61,361 yards, 37 fourth-quarter comebacks. Eight-time All-Pro, one MVP. Only Super Bowl trip came in second season (38-16 loss to 49ers). Hall of Fame class of 2005.

JOE MONTANA (San Francisco 49ers, 1979-94): “My favorite quarterback of all time,” says Tom Brady, who saw many 49ers games as a boy. “I loved the way he carried himself, his leadership ability and the way the team looked up to him.” Montana won four Super Bowls and three MVPs in 1980s. Hall of Fame class of 2000.

BART STARR (Green Bay Packers, 1956-71): The only QB to lead team to five titles (NFL champs in ’61, ’62 and ’65 before there was a Super Bowl, then ’66 and ’67 in first two Super Bowls). Two-time Super Bowl MVP. Hall of Fame class of 1977.

ROGER STAUBACH (Dallas Cowboys, 1969-79): Navy graduate’s debut delayed four years by military commitment, but still led Cowboys to four Super Bowls in the 1970’s, including two victories. Coach Tom Landry called him “possibly the best combination of passer, athlete and leader ever to play in the NFL.” Hall of Fame class of 1985.

JOHNNY UNITAS (Baltimore Colts, 1956-73): First great QB of modern era helped propel pro football toward the tremendous popularity it now enjoys when he led colts to titles in 1958 and 1959. Three-time NFL MVP. Nine-time All-Pro. Hall of Fame class of 1979.


Did your favorite quarterback not make our list? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

Comments about “Who is the best quarterback of all time?”

  1. rootbeer98 says:

    how could u miss tony romo of the dallas cowboys?

  2. Sirjon Jehnral says:

    im still a fan of jim mcmahon from the 85 bears

  3. SJKONK says:

    Why isn’t Terry Bradshaw higher. he was the 1st QB to win 4 Super Bowls and is totally sweet

  4. patriots says:

    tom brady is by far the best of all time in my opinion

  5. yoyo says:

    Tom Brady, da. He’s the best man doesn’t matter what anyone says.

    from Brady to Moss.

  6. Astrotyler says:

    By the way, if Tom Brady loses to the GIANTS!!!!!!! Then he’s not a great QB

  7. Astrotyler says:

    6% Voted Elway. Come on, he was the greatest. My fav QB Is John Elway. All though I am also fond of the Manning brothers. (Peyton and Eli)

  8. kenji600 says:

    Eli Manning

    Tom Brady is a fluke! If Tom Brady is the best quarterback then my name is Butt Mcfinkle!

  9. uppie says:

    BRADY IS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. voice of reason says:

    Tom Brady is not the best QB of all time. That is the stupidest thing ive ever heard. Its obviously Joe Montana or Brett Favre. If you only take into account his good years, Kurt Warner should also be on the list. Peyton Manning shouldn’t be as high. You can’t rate guys who haven’t finished thier careers! 1. Montana 2. Favre 3. Marino 4. Starr 5. Elway 6. Unitas 7. Bradshaw 8. Staubach 9. Manning. 10. Brady

  11. Anonymous says:

    Tom Brady is not the best QB of all time. That is the stupidest thing ive ever heard. Its obviously Joe Montana or Brett Favre. If you only take into account his good years, Kurt Warner should also be on the list. Peyton Manning shouldn’t be as high. You can’t rate guys who haven’t finished thier careers! 1. Montana 2. Favre 3. Marino 4. Starr 5. Elway 6. Unitas 7. Bradshaw 8. Staubach 9. Manning. 10. Brady

  12. Pinbot says:

    I say Steve Young is the best QB ever. Go 49’ers

  13. archilles says:

    People need to learn there history! The top three are only there because they’re still playing and everyone has heard of them! There are some all-time greats on this list, but I would have liked to see Steve Young…

  14. Cowboy Fan says:

    Troy Aikman won 3 Superbowls and Superbowl MVP and is one of the most accurate quarterbacks of all time.

  15. Ginat Fan says:

    Vinve Young and Eli Manning RULE

  16. ax23 says:

    Drew Brees easily is the best

  17. Steven536 says:

    Troy Aikmen

  18. matt says:

    Steve DeBerg

  19. kimjoe says:

    you forgot Tim Tebow of the florida gators

  20. t-bill says:

    I agree with cowboy i wish i could meet Tom and Randy. Here is my list 1. Joe Montana 2. Brett Farve/Tom Brady 4. Peyton/Unitas 6. Marino 7.Staubach 8. starr 9. Bradshaw 10.Elway

  21. SIllo says:

    Where’s Silantro

  22. Silantro says:

    Where’s Dan Fouts?

  23. Silantro says:

    Tom Brady may have won those Super Bowls, but I HATE him and always will. Manning May walk away the best, but it’s too early to tell. Everyone else paved the way, especially Starr. GO EVERYONE BUT BRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(maybe I don’t like Tom because he cheated and could have cheated more.He could have cheated in those three super bowls. The point is, I don’t trust Tom or the Pat’s)

  24. SteelerFan says:

    who says we can’t talk about the CFL too what about Doug Flutie

  25. mako shark says:

    Joe Montana is awesome

  26. DDD09 says:

    Joe Namath

  27. GBP fans says:

    1. Starr 2. Favre 3. Bradshaw 4. Montana 5. Elway 6. Marino 7. Staubach 8. Unitas 9. Brady 10. Manning . Now where is Boomer Eaison, Young, Gannon and Kelly? But Romo definitly does not belong here; a guy who throws 5 ints against the worst defense in the NFL does not belong here. Favre had a few good players who he made better like Freeman and Levens but he is an amazing QB. Go NFC or Jets!

  28. Daner says:

    I am suprised Unitas is not higher up in the voting. Where are all the Baltimore Colts fans?

  29. Daner says:

    I totally agree with rance and Tigereye

  30. cowboy says:

    Tom Brady is so cool he is like my favorite in the whole entire world.HE ROCKS AHH! I WISH i could meet him and Randy Moss.He’s the BEST NFL PERSON in the world.

  31. Daner says:

    Go Packers! It’s to bad I can’t vote twice!

  32. Daner says:

    Bart Starr is the best, anyone would agree with me if any of you knew any history! He won the first two Super Bowls and played for Vince Lombardi (Greatest coach ever!) yeah the guy that the Super Bowl trophy is named after. Go Packers! Go Rodgers!

  33. cameron says:

    brady is the best! he makes amazing plays all the time i vote 4 brady

  34. Storm Hawk says:

    Terry Bradshaw all the way! Steelers!

  35. tyler says:

    tom brady is the best qb in the world

  36. $RICH$ says:

    Peyton Manning is over rated

    Tom Bardy is the best in the AFL

  37. Tigereye says:

    To “hi”, may I point out that Brett Favre BROKE nearly every record Dan Marino SET, which might mean hes the better quarterback

  38. UCLA BRUINS says:

    BRETT FAVRE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!! It stinks that he got traded though. But, the Jets are ok.

  39. Clapp 16 says:

    Montana was known for accuracy and Brady worshiped him.

    You cant argue with four superbowl rings

    Montana is simply the best ever.

  40. com says:

    Phil Simms and Eli Maning are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. NFL fan says:

    HOW COULD YOU NOT PUT ROMO IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. rance says:

    this is bs how is tom brady in first he is good but not even close to the caliber player of the older qbs u guys need to ask your parents about this b4 u vote there is no way the 2 best qb’s EVER are tom brady and payton manning

  43. hi says:

    Marino was the best even though he didn’t win a super bowl but he still set a lot of records more than Manning or Brady have ever set.

  44. NFL-lover says:

    Boy Scouts is not a good random sample for this vote. I never got to see the older QBs play. Of the three younger one, I liked Brett’s spirit and love for the game of football. He is a big boy at heart. I love Brett Favre. He is truely America.s QB.

  45. ICE CUBE says:

    Bretts No.#1!

  46. friend says:

    tom brady is good but not that good. elye manning could posibly be beter. on the last four ofensive pass play he missed EVERY single open receveir

  47. FarveFanatic says:

    Brett Farve should be off of the charts! my dad told me he could throw an interception pass 75 yards!

  48. pro says:

    This topic is about the best EVER.

    not the best NOW. Therefore Brady and Manning definitely shouldn’t even be considered.

    Best of their decade maybe, but not best ever.

    That crown should go to Joe Montana.

  49. Giant Fan says:

    Vince Young and Eli Manning are the best qbs. They should put them even though Vince Young hasnt played alot. Why do ppl like Tom Brady… what happened to the spygate! He lost in the superbowl and got sacked 5 TIMES! Eli Manning and Vince Young are BEAST!

  50. bear says:

    Why doesn`t anyone like Fran Tarkenton , huh!!!!

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