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Disney Epic Mickey game review

When I first saw Disney Epic Mickey at E3, I thought, “What a beautiful, ingenious game.” Now that I’ve played it, I can still say it’s beautiful and ingenious.

Disney for Wii

Gameplay: 7.0
Graphics: 8.0
Sound: 8.0
Replay Value: 7.0
Overall Score: 8.0
Official Web Site
Pros: Wondrous re-imagining of Mickey; brain-busting puzzles; detailed graphics
Cons: Dizzying camera angles; gameplay can feel repetitive; graphics sometimes have jaggies

But, sadly, it also has gameplay issues.

First, here’s the good stuff: You’ve never seen Mickey like this, frightened but so heroic. During the opening movie, some strange, scary things begin to happen. By the end of it, Mickey is pulled through his mirror by a monster. The offending evil being is known as the Shadow Blot, and he has the upper hand.

Mickey is stuck in Wasteland, a creepy but cool place where everything has gone terribly wrong—and it’s kind of Mickey’s fault. Wasteland is wonderful to explore, inspired by old Disney cartoons, classic rides and amusement parks.


It’s no small task, but your job is to restore Wasteland to its beautiful former self. In doing so, you’ll defeat the Shadow Blot as you solve the puzzles and meet the motley and varied characters that originally sprang from the minds of Walt Disney and his team of animators.

One of these characters is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Mickey’s brother. As the story goes, Walt Disney created Oswald before Mickey. But he lost the rights to make Oswald cartoons. So he created the mouse. If Oswald had gotten a green light, there would probably be no Mickey!

In the game, Oswald ruled over Wasteland before Shadow Blot took over. But now Oswald is mad at Mickey for unknowingly making Wasteland into a place run by the nasty Blot.

Will Mickey reunite with Oswald by the end of the game? Will they become friends again? That’s up to you, gamer.


Epic Mickey features some gameplay you’ve seen before, like spin moves and double jumps. But what’s amazing is the ability to use paint to create things and paint thinner to destroy things. Use paint to add roads or bridges. Use thinner to get rid of floors or piles of boulders blocking your path. You can even use them on your enemies to make them your friends. Once an enemy is your pal, he’ll fight against his former brothers for you.

All that is really top-notch stuff. Add a soundtrack with sweet violins full of sweeping moods and you’ll feel like you’re in a Disney movie that you control. Mix in weird bosses like the sneering Clocktower, and you’ll think you’re a hero after beating him.

Plus, at the end of each level, you get a surprise: a short extra that works like a 2-D platformer game. The extras are based on cartoons of yore, like Mickey and the Beanstalk.


As interesting as Epic Mickey sounds, this review comes with a serious warning.

What hurts the game are really bad camera angles. Not only do they make you feel lost and disoriented in Wasteland, they can make you feel dizzy (like you want to hurl).

The camera angles are the real enemies in Epic Mickey. There’s just no excuse for such an expensive-to-make project to have these issues. It’s the difference between a score of 8.0 and a perfect 10.

So to prevent getting dizzy, I recommend that you don’t play more than 30 minutes at a time.


If you play safely that way, you’ll probably enjoy the riches that Epic Mickey has to offer. And you’ll find your way past annoying enemies, like the long-eared Bunny Children. They swarm around you, pick you up and toss you in a Thinner pool (which drains your health). Also, watch out for the very powerful and very round purple Slobber. He sucks you in with his breath and spits Thinner at you. Gross.

Finally, look for Film Reel icons along the way. Trade them in at Mean Street’s Cinema for everything from power ups to cartoons.

There’s much here to enjoy in Epic Mickey. It’s really a shame about those dang camera angles.

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  1. MDofficial // May 26, 2013 at 8:45 pm // Reply

    I like this game, but there are some points where you can get REALLY stuck in a level.

  2. The stretching room in lonesome manor is SO HARD

  3. Best Wii game EVER!!!!!!

  4. iv never played it, but it sure looks cool

    • its eactly as the title says,EPIC!!!!!!! if only i could get past the stoopid elevator inthe “SPACE VOYAGE” level 8P

  5. Fan of Super Mario Bros. 3 // April 27, 2011 at 7:25 pm // Reply

    This is true about the angles. I have the game and the angles are so annoying! I wish that they would have fixed this problem before the game was released.

  6. I beat the game 3 times and am personally a MASTER on Epic Mickey. I have all the pins and extras! 🙂 I f anybody needs help just reply and I’ll answer you.

  7. mariomaster // April 19, 2011 at 7:23 pm // Reply

    Anyone need help on bosses or levels? I beat the game 3 times and am on my 4th playthrough. Just tell me the level and the problem.

  8. It’s Kind of Boreing

  9. starfall1234567890 // March 24, 2011 at 3:29 pm // Reply

    help me in tomorrow city!!!!!!!!

    • If you are having trouble with Blobs that inhale you just put paint/thinner in his throat when he opens his mouth. If it isn’t the right answer tell me…

  10. THIS GAME IS EPIC!!!! I especially love the 2D Film levels, Fantasia 1 being the best! I heard there’s an Epic Mickey 2 coming out, and I hope you can play as Oswald!

    Petetronic pretty cool!

  11. I love it!

  12. ***** out of *****

  13. how do u defeat the ROBOT PIRATES

  14. I have this game and it is awesome! I used to be stuck on Asia Boat Ride but after my older cousin helped me beat the ClockTower, I am now on Mean Street. THIS GAME ROX!

  15. i love epic micky

  16. looks cool but I dont even have a wii

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