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Flappy Pedro

Comments about “Flappy Pedro”

  1. sam23 says:


  2. JK6694 says:

    GOT A THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ON 3RD TIME

  3. you says:

    will not load

  4. joker says:

    got 175 on first try, too easy

  5. jack says:

    It is harder than flappy bird on my computer which I am never doing again

  6. Theking says:

    It won’t load!

  7. gavan says:

    i can’t on

  8. coo-coo says:

    This game isn’t very creepy at all! (Aside from Pedro being huge, having no body, flying around with his ears as wings, and destroying trees, cabins, and planes.)

  9. $$$$$$cash$$$$$$ says:

    Too easy. I got 209 with my eyes closed.

  10. Super-Slime says:

    Got 153 first shot. Love the Game

  11. todo says:

    realy fun, realy hard

  12. awesomeguy123 says:

    wont load!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    180 first try

  14. minecraft kid says:

    first try got 400

  15. win3 says:

    I can not get it to work HELP!!!

  16. yaya says:

    I only got 17 points

  17. pac man lover says:

    cool even though I got 66 points

  18. willy says:

    it wont load

  19. Batman says:

    I got 293 first try

  20. derp says:

    my score is 143

  21. E-Dog says:

    Won’t load

  22. zach0558 says:

    I got 180

  23. mbro says:

    haha funny game

  24. Pedro says:

    You guys like it?

  25. Diamondninja says:

    It’s awesome! But why is Pedro so big?

  26. little old (er young) me says:

    it wont load what do i do?

  27. Coonskin888 says:

    Its okay I guess

  28. firstclassscout says:

    I got 133

  29. waddle kirby says:


  30. dragonspitfire says:

    wont load

  31. that guy that plays golf says:

    it wont load I cant play it

  32. Flappy pedro says:

    It is awesome!!!!!!

  33. me says:

    i got 504 my 7th try

  34. BossMode says:

    I got 477 ’bout 9th try

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