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Dredd Speed and the Alien Castle

Help Dredd Speed collect stars as he navigates the twisting and dangerous hallways of the alien castle!

Help Dredd Speed collect stars as he navigates the twisting and dangerous hallways of the alien castle!

Comments about “Dredd Speed and the Alien Castle”

  1. Rocketpackjack says:

    Also, I beat the game in 1 day, 1hour!

  2. Rocketpackjack says:

    My score is 5510!

  3. xdfg says:

    already on level 12

  4. dragonfire2006 says:

    TOtally Rocks

  5. tintinnabulasam says:

    I think that this game has cool graphics and music :-D

  6. ClydeCooper says:

    Three words: WORST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!

  7. mattman says:

    this is like jetpack joyride.

  8. ender dragon says:

    best game!

  9. da bomb says:

    2613 at level 2

  10. Death says:

    This game needs upgrades that you can buy with stars.

  11. Grif says:

    Love this game!!!

    TOO MUCH LIFE!!!!!!!

  12. 567 says:

    how do you see how many stars you have

  13. Grif says:

    Okay, now my record is broken at 1892.


    • nicknack says:

      Jetpack joyride is a game like this one but one that must be paid for to play, and this game is better because it is free. As I say, free is a good price.

    • Dr.Micalangeo says:

      my best is 2379 ha and jet pack joy ride is like the same thing as this game but you can get different jet packs ,suits, and gadget’s. and it’s much better

    • mattman says:

      Jetpack Joyride is a game kind of like this but you can get upgrades and other cool things . It is free on the app store.

  14. Grif says:


    GameMaster, your epic!!!

  15. thomadash says:

    I was going nonstop until the floor and ceiling disappeared and now I’m going over 20000 meters.

  16. Grif says:

    I got 1798 for best.

  17. Keith says:

    Super addicting!

  18. rosie&georgeCA says:

    you all realize it is a copy of jetpack joyride

  19. Set says:

    Once you have 300 HP you can stay alive forever by just running, not jumping at all.

  20. JudoKitten.02 says:

    Great Game. Kind of a rip-off of Jetpack Joyride, but the creators of this game perfected it! LUV THIS GAME!

  21. geen man1 says:

    this game is crazy

  22. Anonymous says:

    this game is crazy

  23. wbwood says:


  24. Swagger19 says:

    reminds me of jetpack joyride.

  25. Swagger987 says:

    this rocks!

  26. GameMaster says:

    Woo Hoo! All achievements unlocked!
    It took me forever to get Spike-Tacular because my health points were so high that I had to run at least 1000 meters to die….

  27. YoYo Joe says:

    Very hard.BUT I LOVE IT!

  28. GameMaster says:

    Distance: 8200
    Stars: 1857
    Level: 16

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