Comments about “Dredd Speed and the Alien Castle”

  1. Pinball Wizard says:

    I never knew Dredd Speed had arms coming out of his head. Is he an amputee?

  2. awesomeameteur says:

    i got 5800 meters- on level 2!!!!!

  3. TNT says:

    its awsome

  4. voldemort says:

    So many stars to get to do achivment.

  5. yucky ducky says:

    just like jetpack joyride…….

  6. Earthbound says:

    Totally like Jetpack Joyride.

  7. Mega Man 206 says:

    I love this game. The only problem is that Speed’s feet are so close to his head.

  8. AwesomeAviator says:

    i reset my progress but now the game won’t load. all i see is a black screen.

  9. uu says:

    I like it but power ups would make to better

  10. jubjub says:

    it wouldn’t unlock for me

  11. . says:

    My game glitched and i fell out of the castle.

  12. wattsup says:

    The game wont work

  13. jamdecan says:

    beat the game at level 14, beat that AwsomeAviator I’m a pro at online gaming

  14. caden says:

    awesome game

  15. cooldude@! says:

    awesome game

  16. peeps says:

    i got 4994 but i dont keep track of stars

  17. confused says:

    how do you reset progress?

  18. confused says:

    how do i reset the progress

  19. AwesomeAviator says:

    I just beat the game. I did it on level 19.

  20. fruityflier says:

    I got 8493 meters and 2151 stars

  21. bolt says:

    like jet pack joy ride

  22. Smallfryfury says:

    this game would be boss with power ups and a level editor

  23. anonymous says:

    fun game

  24. jubjub says:

    the game was locked

  25. flashyflier says:

    I got 4014 meters and over 1000 stars

  26. The Monster says:

    16500 and over 2000s stars is mine!

  27. I do not have a nikname! says:

    PLEASE LISTEN TO US !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. dog man? says:

    needs upgrades and power ups

  29. kar says:

    definitely needs upgrades.

  30. epicninja123456789 says:

    I got 1083 distance and 302 stars

  31. Jazzie says:

    This game needs some adjustments.

  32. Ninja Boy says:

    it needs upgrades

  33. epicnija123456789 says:

    I just started this game it is awesome!

  34. Bob says:

    My best distance is 1215 meters. It’s not so impressive, though. People have gotten better.

  35. Pookanator says:

    Boys life people if you see this please put upgrades or power ups to buy with stars

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