Comments about “Dredd Speed and the Alien Castle”

  1. darkknight855 says:

    3070 at level 2

  2. yo says:

    hard but fun

  3. yoyo ninja says:

    dude it rocks!

  4. yoyo ninja says:

    I love it

  5. funny monkey says:


  6. bug says:

    this game is endless.

  7. COOLGUY says:

    7055 BEAT THAT

  8. Doggie says:

    There aren’t any levels

  9. Doggie says:

    Why do the obstacles disappear

  10. blub12345 says:

    got to 3025

  11. Pluto says:

    It needs a shop to spend the stars in.

  12. Populer911 says:

    2005 MILES in my FIRST FLIGHT!!!!!!

  13. snappcrackelpop says:

    its an OK game

  14. snappcrackelpop says:

    its easy.

  15. Awesomeness23 says:

    What’s the meaning of it?

  16. ROCCO6519 says:

    lame game

  17. diztrocto says:

    if you add to favorites bar it will save your score

  18. lilshiel says:

    best game ever on boys’ life!

  19. wacamachacaman says:

    I got to level 7

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Cool says:

    Copy of jetpack joyride

  22. Mr awsome says:

    its fun and awesome love it!!!!!!!!

  23. bh says:

    It won’t load

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