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  1. blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh says:

    can someone gimmie a HUG?

  2. dino 347 says:

    Hey wait I was supposed to be on that plane.

  3. Hike,Camp,Have fun says:

    Now am I taller than you??

  4. z says:

    Im coming to get you!!!

  5. tank7777 says:

    how do you like this pose

  6. tank7777 says:

    who wants a hug

  7. tom boy says:

    That mouse was THIS BIG!!! NO JOKE!!!

  8. TigerClaw says:

    I’m dancing tra la la la la!

  9. mad scout says:

    I need 2 to Tango.Let’s if larry the lion want’s to dance.

  10. monkeylynn says:

    the life of a lepord that hunts invisable prey…shown here

  11. RedBaron23 says:

    Get cha’ groove on!

  12. falk says:

    im having a bad day can i have a hug:(

  13. Dood says:

    It’s my long-lost brother!!!!!
    Give me a hug bro.!!

  14. LadyGooGoo says:

    Hey ladies! Watch me shake it!

  15. harry potter fan #1 says:

    its kung fu lepord

  16. D is Awesome says:


  17. D is Awesome says:

    I wanta hug!

  18. MOONMAN200 says:

    I’m a dancing CAT and I’m doing the ROBOT.

  19. X-Factor says:

    hot sand! hot sand! hot sand!

  20. bob the unicorn says:

    “I am in a box”

  21. Chucky says:

    What do call this the hokey-pokey

  22. evanator says:

    I’m a ninja…slice,slice fruit salad anyone?

  23. MarioMan says:

    its time for… DANCING WITH THE CATS!

  24. exlaminator says:


  25. qaz says:

    look at me im the best mime in the world!!!

  26. Hairball says:

    “Ya put your right foot in, ya put your right foot out”

  27. PH says:

    OH COME ON! Seriously, Mr. Monkey, I only wanted to give you a hug! Honest!

  28. aggies says:

    Dance party every one, wait were is everybody!

  29. MAZATLANBOY says:

    lets do the happy dance

  30. 5288 says:

    hey bill, I have not seen you for 30 years, I know your just dieing to give me a great big hug! aaaa…. no thank you….

  31. Spacebar says:

    Maybe if I walk like them they’ll give me pizza.

  32. Spacebar says:

    C’mon! I’m a human, give me some pizza!

  33. Phantom says:

    Must practice for the dance competition

  34. Awesome says:

    Won’t you take me to! Funky Town!

  35. LEGOlover301 says:

    i love dancng

  36. big dady go cart says:

    Look mom I look like human.

  37. era2002 says:

    Hey look can I defy gravity?What’s that? I am only standing like a human? Darn. I thought I was defying gravity.

  38. buddy bobo says:

    Right foot lets stomp! Left foot lets stomp! FREEZE!!! Everybody clap your hands!

  39. The Spaceman says:

    Tigger taught roo so easily!

  40. Yanny says:

    “I got my hands up their playing my song…..”

  41. guns4real says:

    hunny please dont leave

  42. megaladon890 says:

    Wow.A rapping leopard.Not like we haven’t seen that a million times before.

  43. tron says:

    up up and away!

  44. tron says:

    Look ma! I am walking!

  45. joebob says:

    I believe I can fly!!!!!!!

  46. DaffyDopey452 says:

    Hey, look at me, guys! I’m on hind legs!

  47. horse101 says:

    We need rain!! The sand is hot!!!

  48. Pikachu88_O_O says:

    put your left hand in! put your left hand out!

  49. grizzelybear says:

    Hey, i can be a kangaroo too!!!!

  50. yo mama! says:

    im learning how to walk!

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