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  1. WHAZZZUP says:

    would you like to tango with me, an uber-dangerous killing machine?

  2. Awesomator says:

    Hey, man…… gimme a hug, man! Gimme a hug!

  3. cool guy says:

    give me a hug num num i wont eat you. GIVE ME A HUG!!!!!!!!

  4. The leopard says:

    “Let’s hug it out, guys!”

  5. victini says:

    what ever you do, DON’T HUG THAT LEOPARD!

  6. Carty says:

    It usually takes a few more to do the conga, but i make it work on my own.

  7. window says:

    gimmi a hug granny!

  8. bobo123 says:

    lets party!!!!!! Dance with me

  9. tayter says:

    bring the heat.

  10. Condorkus says:

    Who wants a bear hug from me? Oh wait. How can I give you a BEAR hug I’m a leopard. I meant who wants a LEOPARD hug.

  11. Condorkus says:

    i HAVE TO GO POTTY, MOM! Why else would I be doing the potty dance!?

  12. Meeeeeeeee!!!! says:

    You want to mess with ME?! That’s what I thought,punk!

  13. mb0 says:

    Who wants a hug?

  14. me says:

    I like to move it move it.

  15. bigbison says:

    come on boy, you want to fight!

  16. weirdo #9999999999 says:

    Where did this invisible wall come from!?

  17. Tita says:

    Who`s up for some tango?!

  18. Yoda3x says:

    Dinnertime! After the Rabbit!

  19. ME says:

    I’m fighting with the invisible man

  20. the joster says:

    the tiger missed his mommy

  21. ummm_nickname says:

    everday i’m shufflin!!!

  22. ZurdAttack says:

    ALRIGHT! What invisible idiot just punched me?!

  23. countryboy says:

    you mess with the leopard,you get the teeth!

  24. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    i♥just dance 3 for kinect. mom, thanks for getting a solar power xbox360 and tv

  25. 2+2=22 says:

    i got the moves like a leopard i got the moves like a leopard i got the mo-o-o-o-o-o-oves

  26. fishingxprt says:

    take that jackrabbit!!!

  27. KJ-52 sings good. says:

    I have a black belt in karate.
    Take that and that.

  28. b3ast says:

    no one but me and my invisible partner…paradise

  29. funny says:

    lookie mom i am doing a cat stand

  30. Steveie101.2 says:

    Dance competition!

  31. monkeyfist221 says:

    Take this dancing with the stars. I got better moves than you losers!

  32. X-bscout says:

    Don’t interrupt me while i have my tango lessons

  33. ash says:

    i just want a hug

  34. Denner1 says:

    What’s wrong with humans? I tried to be a pet, but they sent me
    back here.

  35. armyman says:

    Mom look! I’m a human!

  36. Shimmer99 says:

    Cha-cha-cha Cheetah!

  37. Oversized-Weasel says:

    I hope I make it onto “Dancing with Leopards.”

  38. bob says:

    lets dance

  39. logan55002476 says:

    HOT SAND!!!!!! HOT SAND!!!!!!!!!

  40. psdaisy says:

    go leopards… Wait a second.I’m a LEAPard! chacha bang

  41. big tuna says:


  42. Dragon Ball Fan says:

    I have never said this before: I’ll get that nasty humans….

  43. Burnout says:

    Look ma two paws!!!

  44. awesome27 says:

    Whoo im a mime

  45. J says:

    Come on buddy give me a hug

  46. coolscout says:

    daddy look 2 legs

  47. thefaynster says:

    Ooooo Yeah! I’m getting my grove on!

  48. master.jr says:

    take that kagaroo jack!!

  49. D-man says:

    Come on dance with me! I don’t bite!

  50. billybobjoe says:

    I love to dance!

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