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What’s going on in this picture? What is that bear doing and what is it thinking?

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  1. James the man says:

    “Why am I riding this boat on land?”

  2. boring says:

    Hey Baby, ya wanna run away with me?

  3. Awejpeg says:

    Where is the water???

  4. minifigure says:

    Do you know where the oars are?

  5. Epicdrb says:

    Sup’ bro?

  6. DarkLord27 says:

    Did I brush my teeth, you ask? Come here and see.

  7. DarkLord27 says:

    I’m hungry! What’s for lunch?

  8. DarkLord27 says:

    When do we start fishing?

  9. PiggyOinker says:

    Well, looks like were havin’ leftovers again!

  10. HIGBY says:

    Hey! Gimmie back those oars!

  11. meep says:

    I lost my boat so I bought this one!

  12. LAWLCATZ says:

    “Are we gonna go boating or what”

  13. beezer says:

    Hot tub!

  14. drwho_slo says:

    Give me all your salmon ’cause I scout-napped your SPL!

  15. Robin229 says:

    I can tell that’s photo edit.

  16. Twig says:

    I’m smarter than the average bear.

  17. Wolf kid says:

    What, it’s all I could afford !

  18. animal lover 509 says:

    This fish is too big, instead of eating it,I’ll live in it!

  19. PhilipHoney Badger! says:

    Ahhhhh the bear necessities

  20. KingGuardian101 says:

    You wanna hang? Come on! I even brought sodas!

  21. Chris says:

    mommy can you push my boat

  22. TheCrow says:

    He is the most interesting bear in the world

  23. bentwenty says:

    Hey honey, can you get me a honey-coconut shake?

  24. Awesomeness party says:

    I just caught some fish, but a paranah ate my boat.

  25. aj says:

    lets go fishing….kaplonk

  26. aj says:

    marooned…here on Gilligan’s isle!!!!!

  27. TheJokeMan says:

    Lets go fishing, I’m starving!

  28. JO JO says:


  29. meanttobefunny says:

    What u waitin for? Don’t u want to go fishin

  30. cid2 says:

    where’s the fish?

  31. spykidd says:

    I thought you said you were paddling

  32. pez says:

    this is bear-ily what I’d call a boating trip

  33. JTHEPOWAFUL says:

    Welcome to the modern version of hunting! If only I had some oars…

  34. funman says:

    Let’s go on a cruise!

  35. Rockwolfscout says:

    Finally!! Home at last.

  36. bob the builder says:

    you wanna go for a ride?

  37. Federin says:

    I’m going to go fishing for our dinner.

  38. Federin says:

    Where are the oars?

  39. stormstar101 says:

    Whos ready to catch some fish?

  40. smeargle da artist says:

    hellooooooo paradise!!!!

  41. KK says:

    I am sailing off.

  42. Blobob says:

    Okay push me off.

  43. Cam says:

    I fished this out!

  44. Cam says:

    Let’s go fishing!

  45. Cam says:

    Can someone push me?

  46. Face Plant 101 says:

    Wanna go fishing? I know a beary good spot! Hey, anyone have any oars?

  47. Face Plant 101 says:

    Anyone for salmon?

  48. balletstar243 says:

    Why am I not going anywhere?

  49. arandombannana says:

    You should brush more often!

  50. yodaorigami987 says:

    That was a nice dinner hun! :)

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