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What’s going on in this picture? What is that squirrel doing and what is it thinking?

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  1. Forceforyu says:

    Hey Manfred, can you pull back this tree and shoot me into the pond?

  2. BOYSCOUT96 says:

    I finally invented something! a CATAPULT! HUH? What do you mean it was already invented?

  3. FunnyBones says:

    Dave brought the marshmallows, I got the skewers!

  4. CusWhyNot says:


  5. mrdsman says:

    48…49…50! Man that’s enough working out for today! Now where is the remote?

  6. BMSAwesomeness says:

    Hey katniss I TOLD you I could be like you!

  7. Life on the lake says:

    Oh boy, this one’s a keeper

  8. (Candytheif) says:

    Um… a little help?

  9. KingGuardian101 says:

    So you say I’m not a sloth or a monkey?

  10. Poke nerd 101 says:

    “Hey, Theodore! Where did you say that arrow was again?”

  11. skiittlesrainbow says:

    Hang on guys! I’m almost done with the hammock!

  12. Pogostick35 says:

    Hang on guys! I need to set up the hammock!

  13. Grimlock789 says:

    Help me!

  14. Ravensfantic says:

    Just a little bit more

  15. _Animal_Lover_ says:

    “This isn’t heavy, where’s the workout!”

  16. Koop says:

    And that’s how you impress ladies yo

  17. aj says:

    Squirrel…..King Of The Jungle!!!!!

  18. J Mc says:

    Put my right foot in and shake it all about!!

  19. TheJokeMan says:

    Who can point me in the directions of the Hunger Games. I’m ready to beat the nuts out of them!

  20. Ogygia652 says:

    “We shall wage war…where is everyone?”

  21. NatureBoy says:

    New from SquirrelTech, the best jungle gym known to their kind.

  22. Shadow says:

    Total chain reaction! Branch,my enemy,my other enemy,and a pile of garbage!

  23. agentfly42 says:

    Come on ladies! Lift those arms up!

  24. enderman99 says:

    fire the catupult!

  25. j man 122 says:

    bills gonna be surprised when I let this fly on him >:)

  26. Nugget in a Biscuit 555 says:

    We shall win this for mother Russia

  27. super man says:

    and the gold medal goes to…….

  28. gummy bear says:

    uh joey I think you need to go on a diet

  29. Man man. says:

    Wannabe archer, it seems.

  30. neid2413 says:

    If I help the eagle build its nest it won’t hurt me

  31. 446-o-rama says:

    I have the bow, guys! Now, where did the arrow go?

  32. gman03 says:

    “This is where I get off.”

  33. gman03 says:

    Ready, aim, fire!!!!!

  34. billybob says:

    ah I love my daily exercising!

  35. GUIs says:

    Target practice for squirrels? Really?

  36. Minecrafter says:

    Hang in there!

  37. snipe says:

    ahhh! take that!

  38. u just read my nickname says:

    *Yawn* Jus’ doing’ my morning stretch

  39. mr cool says:

    I’m going vaulting and gonna beat him!

  40. Mr.Cheeseburger says:


  41. bandit12 says:

    I am the king of this pole. Don’t touch it.

  42. creeper creep says:

    someone come here and launch me so i can fly to my tree!!!!!!!!!!! or not might as well use an arrow. now would somebody help me find an arrow for this thing.

  43. E-Man says:

    No Jerry not that stick.

  44. meanttobefunny says:


  45. #phidipolo says:

    I hereby declare war on all racoons!!!!

  46. track!! says:

    pole vault in the tree tops!??!

  47. squirrelhater says:

    I’m the strechiest squirrel of all!!! Now, STRETCH!!!!!!

  48. super scout says:

    three.. two.. one.. fire!

  49. chucky says:

    And he thinks he can go fishing without me ah..ah..

  50. sugarberry7 says:

    hey stop acting like Robinhood

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