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What’s going on in this picture? What are the cat and raccoon doing and what are they thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. McKinley says:

    You can see what’s about to happen

  2. wizard says:

    HEY! That’s MY food! 3-2-1 POUNCE!!!!!

  3. 🎵Izzyrocks73🎵 says:


  4. 🎵Izzyrocks73🎵 says:

    Behold! The catcoon! 🐱

  5. Awesomeguy 11 says:

    That’s my food! Not if I get to it first!

  6. Cool Cat says:

    The bait seems to be working, and I shall finilly get rid of this pesky raccoon once and for all.

  7. Billy says:

    Bro is that you?

  8. Bean says:

    Don’t eat my food!

  9. bob Scout45 says:

    Which should I eat, the cat or the cat’s food?

  10. Agent E says:

    Are you my mother?

  11. Agent E says:

    Waiiiiiiiiittttt!!! your not allowed on the porch.

  12. NASCARKid24 says:

    I’m gonna git u

  13. harryoe says:

    yum food (the cat says)

  14. Mmeow1 says:

    I see you! You sneaky raccoon!

  15. Pretzel2.0 says:

    I love pouncing on my dinner with no interruNooooooooo

  16. crazy monkey says:

    wait, wait. Its kibble

  17. crazy monkey says:

    stop right there cat! I got a water pistol!

  18. TomTundra says:

    Hey, cat, if you aren’t going to eat that, can I?

  19. Grochocinski says:

    We don’t serve your kind here.

  20. Quiz-wizz says:

    Raccoon: FOOD!
    Cat; HEY! That’s mine!
    Raccoon: You alweas say that.

  21. Josh says:

    He thinks he can get my food? HA! Well I’ll show him.

  22. JJ says:

    I think i’ll stay up here!

  23. BURN-E says:

    Red light, RED LIGHT! DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME? R-E-D-L-I-G-H-T!

  24. Dave says:

    Mom I’m busy

  25. dev the great dane says:

    If you take a step closer to my chow, lunch is on you!

  26. Jokester9 says:

    Get off my lawn!!!

  27. jackomally5000 says:

    Is it okay if I have this?

  28. yoyoyo says:

    Pretend the cat is not there just a little more to get to the food!

  29. Mini G says:

    Hey bro……. Can I have some food?

  30. Cat says:

    What do you think your doing in my territory, bandit.

  31. Spman911 says:

    I hope he doesn’t find me. (Playing hide and seek)

  32. proudthread says:

    If I don’t see him, he won’t see me.

  33. hogriderz123 says:

    And what do you think you are doing?

  34. The Doctor says:

    Just a few more inches…

  35. caty cat food restrount says:

    welcome to caty cat food. our special today is foodie fish sticks and raccoon. would you like some? :-)

  36. wierd!? says:

    the cat is thinking: come on, come on, just a little closer……

  37. KK says:

    And it’s off to the races today!

  38. ElephantLOver says:

    What kind of animal are you?

  39. Nick-Wick says:

    Sneak Attack!!! The raccoon fell into the trap!

  40. nicky2221 says:

    i wonder where the cat is………. OH NO!!!!!

  41. nicky2221 says:

    mask face at 11 o clock order……wait WHAT!

  42. Wazzup says:


  43. king dedede says:

    The innocent raccoon approaches his daily meal. Little does he know that someone else had planned on pulling a heist, and that certain someone is not about to call it off now.

  44. Bill Scout Due says:

    Go ahead Raccoon! I never trust anyone with a mask!

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