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What’s going on in this picture? What is this prairie dog doing and what is it thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. bob says:

    hey my bike is blue not white with a red stripe

  2. lack595 says:


  3. $Gamer26$ says:

    What? No Dogs? I can’t believe it! Oh wait, I forgot, I’m a prairie dog.

  4. Not my real name says:

    Wait, I’m a dog…I’m gonna leave now…

  5. Swimming_girl1 says:

    hmmm… what does this mean??

  6. someone says:

    where are the directions!

  7. wackyguy says:

    I thought America was a free country. No dogs, BAAH!!!!

  8. digitinteger says:

    how dare they!? someone graphitized with red paint on these pieces of art!

  9. chopper says:

    No dogs, no bikes. Great! I can easily out run those silly humans.

  10. Micro says:

    Alright pole, move now or face my furry.

  11. marshman says:

    I guess that means that I can ride my bike … but what does THAT thing mean?

  12. j says:

    Gopher says thank you for sign.

  13. Xc man says:

    Luckily my bike is in the shop

  14. bubby says:

    wait i’m a dog right

  15. V9NC says:

    That’s one nice pole.

  16. Gchoi says:

    So no dogs riding on bikes?

  17. yay says:

    yes, i understand they accept bikes, but what’s the red slash thingy mean?

  18. Anonymous says:

    yes, i understand they accept bikes, but what’s the red slash thingy mean?

  19. OminousWind says:

    Ok so no bikes, no dogs. Ok I will tell the troop. ALAN! ALAN!

  20. jc says:

    dogs arent on leashes all my nightmares are coming true

  21. Vader says:

    No bikes means no bikers. No bikers means no transportation. No transportation means no humans. No humans means World Domination!

  22. Prare E. Dog says:

    Well, I’m good. I’m more of a rodent than a dog.

  23. Prare E. Dog says:

    Hey! There’s some dude with a camera. Maybe if I stand up real tall, he’ll take my picture while I stand in front of this tail sign, and submit it to Boy’s Life magazine for the caption contest.

  24. Evilrules13 says:

    Rats, Mom said today I could ride my bike

  25. dsggreen says:

    Ready to train for Philmont!!!!

  26. dragon7 says:

    honey, i think we found a home!

  27. rusty says:

    Dang it! I can’t be here! Well think on the bright side….. NO BIKES! Well, i guess i’m gonna have to try a disguise

  28. CWH says:

    Hmm, no dogs on a leash?

  29. Keegan says:

    Good, I’m safe from the dog apocalypse

  30. Booming Brad says:

    PHEW!!!! Prairie dogs are allowed at the park!

  31. moobus gelatnus says:

    But how am I going to get around?

  32. calvin and hobbes :) says:

    so now we know they don’t chant to cook us alive but the again they’re at a chicken restaurant cooking prarie dogs alive. i may have to rethink this through.

  33. gooooo says:

    what?!?! are you saying if i was on a leash I would not be able to be here?!?!… or is that gust dogs…oh.

  34. dragonrider of berk says:

    dang!forgot my eyeglasses again!

  35. roro10 says:

    I wonder if prairie dogs are allowed?

  36. Bat dude says:

    Darn I knew I should’int have come with my bike.

  37. JIG2000 says:


  38. WheatleyandFreeman says:

    At last! Some wise guy didn’t paint all over the sign and ride around on his bike!

  39. Dr.Gordon Freeman says:

    Good, those new-fangled spinny machines are gone!

  40. spartan says:

    Carl, you led us to the wrong trail.

  41. jja says:

    do i count

  42. Whitefield says:

    No dogs? I’m a prairie DOG!

  43. trololo says:


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