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Write a funny caption for this photo



What’s going on in this picture? What is that rodent doing and what is it thinking?

If you can think of a funny caption for this photo, just post it in the comment form at the bottom of this page. After we approve it, your funny caption will be on this page for everyone to read.

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32 Comments on Write a funny caption for this photo

  1. Sup Bill!!!!

  2. captainlongbow // March 25, 2017 at 8:43 pm // Reply

    HAN SOLO… or MICEO ill get you out of that metal thing that jabba the hut put you in!!!

  3. Brother! What happened?

  4. um who wants the mouse the cat or the computer?

  5. highwayman // March 23, 2017 at 4:10 pm // Reply

    the perfect pear or is that pair

  6. thetankthatreads // March 23, 2017 at 3:04 am // Reply

    Bro is that you?

  7. Want to get some cheese?

  8. Jack is duh one // March 22, 2017 at 4:43 pm // Reply

    I already called a copyright on “mouse”!

  9. So wanna go out sometime?

  10. Uuummmmm? Cousin?

  11. You impostor!


  13. lad E gaga // March 18, 2017 at 9:21 pm // Reply

    high fi- bro where did yo- OH very funny Joe

  14. JBthebeast // March 10, 2017 at 8:23 pm // Reply

    JERALD?? Is that you?!?

  15. scouting man // March 10, 2017 at 1:52 pm // Reply

    this is a beautiful mouse

  16. Fred just got out of PLASTIC surgery.

  17. hey…brother?

  18. Um . . . So they said there was a mouse in here . . . This can’t be it . . . But then where’s the mouse?

  19. Is that you brother?

  20. Come
    on i’ll get you out of here

  21. They call THIS a mouse? No wonder cats like to lay on computers!

  22. what are you not a mouse are you a house

  23. who is who your name is mouse, my name is mouse… we should be friends!!!

  24. Wassup buddy?! You smell funny…

  25. if i can just move this mouse over a bit! HEAVE HO

  26. Um… Is this a joke or what!

  27. A. Nony.Mouse // January 20, 2017 at 8:19 am // Reply

    Fred? is that you?

  28. Literally What Its Thinking.. // January 7, 2017 at 12:26 am // Reply

    I just want out of this house why are you filming my torture

  29. So, tell me my friend, how does it feel to held by humans all day long?

  30. Hey bro want to be my friend

  31. BLAH BLAH BLAH // December 25, 2016 at 5:35 pm // Reply

    Hello lady Are you single

  32. “George? Can you hear me? George!”

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