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  1. Starfan101 says:

    Stay away wolfs!

  2. chairmario888888 says:


  3. Hello says:

    Thank you Dentist, NOW I WILL EAT YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mr scouter says:

    the bathroom is occupied! give me some privacy!

  5. telescopeguy says:

    GO TEAM! Also, go away(yawn) I’m tired.

  6. nike says:

    When will the food come i have been waiting for hours

  7. Ace says:

    The perfect place to practice my deep breathing exercises!

  8. Assasin says:

    DIE, DENTIST!!!!

  9. m says:

    wheres the fish?!!!

  10. atreides says:

    trick or treat

  11. yojo says:

    Where’s my teddy bear!!

  12. YODELER says:

    Get off my lawn!!!

  13. kilrdragon54 says:

    GIMME CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. juju says:

    Your teeth are nothing compared to mine!!!

  15. Bro253 says:

    What did i do :/

  16. mclovin_1999 says:

    OMG! where did you get those shoes gurrrrr?!

  17. C.J says:


  18. cookiemonster1 says:

    get out of my territory NOW!

  19. survivalist says:

    Mr. dog told me about the thermometer !!!

  20. M.R cool says:

    I’m staring at the TV and I can’t stop.

  21. r says:

    wow so that’s coffee

  22. BuckinBronc says:

    AAAAHHHH! War with wait is that my mom?

  23. toadeeboy says:

    AAAAHHHH! Why is this water so cold!

  24. enchilada says:

    I’d dose off but the game is still on.

  25. MIrp says:


  26. theminecraft says:

    dude, put on a shirt!!!!!

  27. slenderman354 says:

    beware of my furry fury!

  28. bodysteeler says:

    hey! she stole my food!

  29. mrminecraft says:

    just stuff in a few cheese burgers

  30. POSIEDON RULES says:

    Stop pulling my tail

  31. Andy C.C. says:

    “Mom I said 5 minutes!!!”

  32. Nacho says:

    I want my hat back!!!!!!

  33. Nacho says:

    You come near me, you are dinner… After you play “My Little Pony” with me!

  34. Nacho says:

    Please find my floss!

  35. Nacho Cheese says:

    Hey!!! I lost my floss last night!!! My momma said she wasn’t gonna let me eat grilled mouse until I floss!!!! It’s mouth watering!!!!! Somebody find it and then I will eat… NO!! Reward you!

  36. Anonymous says:

    i want my hat back!!!!!!!!!!

  37. m1abrams13 says:

    Don’t worry i only bite on days that end with y

  38. me says:

    back off! this is my log!

  39. cub Dad says:

    . . . well mom did say my face would stick this way

  40. Dog Diggity says:

    “Don’t Stop Believin’! Hold on to that feelin’…”

  41. rewin12345678910 says:

    toss some popcorn in my mouth

  42. gummy beta says:

    Testing to open my mouth for the dentel check up.

  43. Camper jack says:

    Back off……”That’s my Christmas dinner!!!!”

  44. Spike says:

    No! I am NOT waking up! I’m still TIRED! Can I PLEASE sleep in another month or two?

  45. Mr. Burrito says:

    HEY! I want to catch and eat you for din…oh, um, I mean, uh… Invite you over for tea. Yeah. That’s what I meant.

  46. pocketknife1 says:


  47. yoyo says:

    this mirror is shiny makes me look pretty

  48. legojedi says:

    Who took my Halloween candy!?

  49. IceAdg says:

    Any last words?

  50. lolo says:

    Come in mousie, into the hole you go.

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