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What’s going on in this picture? What is this horse doing and what is he thinking?

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Thanks to “farmscout88” for this great photo.

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  1. Lofty says:

    This so beats spurs.

  2. Superpenguin says:

    The metal boxes have stopped. Time to step over the dashed lines.

  3. Perdro says:

    “The horse strikes back! My ancestors made this place and you humans named a car after us!?! That’s it?!?

  4. friendlywebelo142 says:

    hey guys, come check out my hot new minivan. Wait, where’d it go?!

  5. epicfail says:

    Dag nab these fancy gadgets!

  6. Yoda3x says:

    This car looks like hay to me…

  7. aim says:

    hay i need hay

  8. aim says:

    Just cause i like to horse around doesn’t mean i don’t need a space hear too

  9. kidinator says:

    I’m not seeing how 350 of us will fit in there.

  10. wolfsbane says:

    YOU HAVE 250 HORSE POWER!?! And I thought I was fast!!

  11. wolfsbane says:

    My favorite car? Mustang, definitely.

  12. now weblo says:

    noww… where did i park it

  13. knothead says:

    Hmmmm. . . Where did I park my pickup? As a matter of fact, WHERE AM I?

  14. wisp1397 says:

    i am then, they are now… ugghh

  15. Dragon Ball Fan says:

    Why won’t Farmer Brown feed us Nissans?

  16. Burnout says:

    Ummmmmmm……Can a guy get some privacy!?

  17. p man says:

    Do you know where my rider is? I think I left him at 56th street.

  18. EliStar says:

    Dude, where’s my oats!

  19. Max says:

    Whare am I?Hey!What did you do to my friends!

  20. #1 dude says:

    hey he took my spot

  21. hurricane says:

    there’s no place to park my hooves!

  22. Indy99 says:

    What Oh. My Compass Broke AGAIN

  23. Game wiz says:

    Uh-oh he’s been dreaming about being a police horse again…….

  24. thefaynster says:

    300 horsepower? Not fair!

  25. peewee says:

    HEY,that is my parking!!! (by the way, look at that Ferrari,yiiihaw)

  26. RICHAAARGH says:

    Clerk: sorry, but yu dont have hands, and you cant drive.
    Horse: But anythings possible when there’s talking horses!

  27. master.jr says:

    yayaya hold your horses

  28. cray-z horse says:

    Sir, i’m gonna have to ask you to pull over the vehicle.

  29. LittleMac says:

    I left my brights on… now how am I gonna start???

  30. billybobjoe says:

    how did I end up here?

  31. sami says:

    can you tell me directions to the nearest stable

  32. geminiscouter says:

    ahhhh i wish my name was nissan

  33. tom boy says:

    Now where are my keys?!

  34. tom boy says:

    You’re 100 horsepower? I don’t see 100 horses

  35. bobby lee says:

    What model is your car? It has the most unusual grill and the paint is so white I’ll paint myself

  36. Joe says:

    Smells like ice cream dipped in tabasco sauce. Yum!

  37. Mr.Sman says:

    What?!! I couldn’t find a parking spot!

  38. JHK says:

    Am I blocking these metal horses? Oh. Sorry, guys

  39. ♥Anubis♥ says:

    MOOOOOVE over, I mean, ummm.

  40. camaro ss says:

    funny..I does’nt look like 150 horses

  41. bazinga134 says:

    HAH! And you call yourself a mustang. IN YOUR DREAMS!

  42. zomB says:

    Now, where did I park my station wagon?

  43. MonkeySea says:

    I knew I shoud’a taken that left turn at albuquerque.

  44. Weslon3 says:

    Is this spot taken?

  45. freakoid says:

    Now where did they park the trailer again?…

  46. Chopy2008 says:

    Act natural…

  47. ty says:

    ah nothing like a stroll in the parking lot full of steaming hot dogs and well other fruits that are delicious. anyone got any. their free, right?

  48. No Cheese Fer You says:

    No one gos fer the west anymore…What! Cowboys and alieans! Yeah!

  49. ProjectTermina says:

    Curse these dagnabbit modern metal horses!

  50. LoneWolf says:

    What do you mean SafeAuto dosn’t cover Buggy insurence!?!?

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