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  1. kva says:

    so what kind of drink do you have Ah so you have water today

  2. The John says:

    Mmmmmmmm…. Catnip Tea!

  3. A_Fellow_Scout says:

    Ooooh mice flavord coffie!!!! Add KatNip!!!!!

  4. Cheeseburger of amazingness says:

    Good smoothie man.

  5. citty cute says:

    Oooooo! What is this stuff? More more I want more.

  6. boy scout says:

    I am thirsty. I want coffee!!!!!!!

  7. JON says:

    ooh milk can I have some but it’s to late.

  8. Tara 16 says:

    Hey! What are you lookin’ at!?

  9. Starfan101 says:

    I thought this was tea. It turns out to be coffee.

  10. boysarecool says:

    Mmm. Delicious drink.

  11. chairmario888888 says:

    i ramble when i drink caffeine and i forget what i say. i also forget what i say.

  12. Shadow says:

    There right. This is good!

  13. nicks says:

    just geting some coffee

  14. mr.scouter says:


  15. 000 says:

    BSA is so popular even cats like it

  16. The fast, the furious, the funny says:

    what are you looking at? I’m just doing what we cats do all the time (or is that you do that all the time… hmm…)

  17. Alex says:

    Hey I said I wanted a decaf!

  18. kirby says:


  19. Yopup says:

    Ummm… it’s nice but…it should be dark roast.

  20. Yopup says:

    (Burps) must…have…MORE!!!

  21. ryguy says:

    Coffee tastes good, or is this tea?

  22. kilrdragon54 says:

    Wowee, you BSA guys should start your own coffee joint to rival Starbucks or something…

  23. Luke Skywalker says:

    Either this is milk, or coffee. Either way, it’s awesome!

  24. 675 says:

    “And you thought I’d join the girl scouts. Think Again!”

  25. epic-man says:

    Scout: I wake up in the morning and… wait a minute, why are you drinking my hot chocolate?
    Cat: This is way better than milk.

  26. Mattman says:

    This is too early……….ok!ok! At least let me drink my coffee!

  27. Bro253 says:

    Theres nothing better than fresh warm coffee in the morning

  28. megabacon says:

    tuna fish… my favorite!

  29. PieEater says:

    Aww man, caffeine free!

  30. sky budder says:


  31. leonardo1294 says:

    mmmmmm…. (smacks lips) could use some sugar.

  32. skythekidRS says:

    cat master

  33. Ash says:


  34. toadeeboy says:

    so this is coffee eh? how do you find it so amazing?

  35. comander4 says:

    more coffee!

  36. commander4 says:

    this is way better than mouse blood soda!

  37. me says:

    what? you said you wanted the whole family at the table

  38. liv says:

    ” just having my morning coffe “

  39. iamchucknorris says:

    this is purr-fecko!

  40. lol says:

    The best milk for a catscout!!!!

  41. ... says:

    Do you think it is working

  42. bodysteeler says:

    hey! I has about to have a meeting with 1910

  43. mrminecraft says:

    my coffee back off

  44. mrminecraft says:

    i always wondred what dads coffee tastedlike

  45. zombie-man says:

    Mmmmmm, tasty!

  46. deqaun says:

    cats can also be a scout

  47. POSEIDON RULES says:

    Mom i Want more juice

  48. krazykitty64 says:

    gimme a cheezburgur an a refill of “meowntan” dew

  49. cookiemonster1 says:

    eew.. i want catnip juice

  50. The Black Flag says:

    Need More mountain dew!!!!!!

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