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What’s going on in this picture? What is this dog doing and what is he thinking?

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  1. tony hawk fan says:

    Wait Master,i want 2 swim 2!

  2. underdog101 says:

    now how do you turn into underdog again?

  3. tony hawk fan says:

    Hold on! I will save you!!!

  4. #1 says:

    Man overboard !

  5. yodog says:

    wait for me to get my life jacket i cant swim

  6. p says:

    I just Remembered… I CAN’T SWIM HELP!!!!!!!

  7. Brister867 says:


  8. Brister867 says:

    Just flyin and chillin like the boss

  9. legoboy2481 says:


  10. onyx says:

    no need to fear waterdog is here

  11. bearly says:

    don’t worry I’ll save you ….. once I can find my life jacket

  12. MUSH says:

    don`t worry master ill save you!

  13. ck says:

    the flying dog just chased the little kid into the lake with a life jacket on.

  14. Yoda3x says:

    **The foot strikes again, and foot fetching doggie is here to save the world once more!

  15. Yoda3x says:

    This is called foot fetching!

  16. Yoda3x says:


  17. QUE says:

    super dog to the rescue

  18. The Pipmaster says:

    GET THE DUCK!!!!!

  19. me says:

    super dog is here

  20. deadpoetssociety says:

    I thought you were supposed to let go of the Frisbee FIRST!

  21. Broncoboy#2 says:

    I’ll save you master! i know how to swim! – with this lifejacket on

  22. Chop says:

    there’s no need to fear…Underdog is here!

  23. acefly200 says:

    “Hold on Darrian, I took lifeguard lessons”

  24. wonka19 says:

    It is said that pigs can’t fly but nothing was ever said about dogs!!

  25. Igotbored says:

    I believe I can fly! I believe i can touch the- gaaaaah water!

  26. dude says:

    super dog!

  27. supersmasher says:


  28. --lol-- says:

    **And as the fate of the world hangs by a thread, Dog-man goes after the evil doctor foot.

  29. girlscout says:

    Master, wait! I’m swimming too!

  30. Little Cricket says:

    Why is there a foot floating in the water. Eh, who cares. Doggy go fetch after master!

  31. MONKEY!!! says:

    im walking on water!!!! oh wait NOOOOOO!!!!! I CANT SWIM!!!!!!

  32. bubby says:

    underdog to the rescue said underdog i’ll save you random person I do not home

  33. L0l_thats funny says:

    I believe I can fly!!!!

  34. shadoweater says:

    superdog to the resuce *falls*

  35. dman460 says:

    Wait, I don’t know how to doggie paddle!

  36. iact0 says:

    great.now I have 2 people to save.me,and him

  37. Bert says:

    I’m taking the leap of faith.

  38. destroyer says:

    Do not fear. Waterdog is here.

  39. jaded says:

    finnaly i can fly to the rescue

  40. Nameless says:

    One small step for man… whoops i mean dog, one giant leap for dog kind

  41. Anonymous says:

    One small step for dog one GIANT leap for dog kind

  42. jj says:

    I’ll save you, but I have to do the doggy paddle first

  43. Anonymous says:

    i can walk on water

  44. weblos2 says:

    I will save you! Oh I’m just watching the water.

  45. ctc10 says:

    i believe i can fly!

  46. Cat lover says:

    Lifedog on duty!

  47. SnakeMiguel says:

    I knew I could fly!

  48. dude123 says:

    Yes!! i can save you now because i have my life jacket on.

  49. MOONSKI says:


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