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What’s going on in this picture? Why is that chipmunk sniffing the water jug? What is he thinking or saying?

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Thanks to Troop 125, Commack, N.Y., for providing the photo.

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  1. AnonymousBoysLifefan says:


  2. ? says:

    WA… WAT….WATER! NEED WATER. What! This is Coke not water, but it tastes better!

  3. supercar says:

    they get water but i don’t no fair!

  4. xbox227 says:

    aaaaamannnn its emptey agian

  5. Q says:

    So thirsty.

  6. bat says:

    How in the heck does this thing work??? I know!!!! I will ress the button

  7. ghost says:

    I want some water to.What no more water.Oh well.

  8. 3ranks1styear! says:


  9. phillies kid says:

    oh no this is the prime type of gatorade

  10. reader says:

    okay,now can someone lend me a cup or I’ll spray them

  11. Puffle lover123 says:

    May I please have a cup?

  12. billybobjoe says:

    man I could really use a drink how do you get this thing to work!

  13. anonymous says:

    come on start leaking

  14. zachory1234 says:

    please magic thing that gives humens food give me nuts

  15. trainman44 says:

    water finaly wat- wait how the heck do you work this thing

  16. bacon says:

    what happend to my nut ist here its been replaced by a bigger one!

  17. bacon says:

    theirs got to be one just one drop left

  18. matt the awesome says:

    ohhh gatorade, yummy

  19. ty says:

    is this poisoned because mom said i need to take a shower but dont know how to work it.

  20. cable says:

    My wife will be so pleased when I return with one years supply of water. Now, there’s only one thing to figure out, how do I get it back to my house?

  21. little broken antler says:


  22. Pat says:

    Give me water please help what i dont have fingers

  23. funnyman says:

    wait, how the heck do you use this thing?

  24. ace says:

    nothing like a cold drink of lemonade on a hot day

  25. Bowser Jr.&Sprinter says:

    I Need Water! It Has’nt Been Raining For Years & Years To Come!

  26. guy says:

    acording to my calculations you twist this 15.678 degrees, then pull out with exactly 1.2 pounds of force ( guy push the button to get water). All that work just to find out you have to push it!!!!

  27. dino 347 says:

    Its wonderful to have water after fishing on a burning hot grill.

  28. video game man says:

    Finaly,water.Now how do you work it?

  29. trainman44 says:

    water…water..i need water

  30. horselover says:

    water water im so thasty maybe someone well give me a lift
    our maybe not well i guess it must be broken

  31. 007 says:

    What a strange waterfall no water is falling

  32. Alien X says:

    I’m thirsty, but this thing won’t give me any water. Oh, well, I might as well go to the river…

  33. 8125 says:

    What does this thing do?

  34. MOONMAN200 says:


  35. weblo EOK says:


  36. buckeye says:

    I wonder what this nifty button does.

  37. buckeye says:

    Don’t take a picture! Don’t take a picture! I’m taking a shower!

  38. buckeye says:


  39. doctor34 says:


  40. It is hot out says:

    It’s like a dessert around the fire

  41. feakin out says:

    how much of this stuff do you think will fit in my cheeks…

  42. Hike,Camp,Have fun says:


  43. zebo says:

    is that a nut stuffed in there?[he pushes the button and water sprays

  44. TigerClaw says:

    Come on!Mom said I
    need to wash my hands!

  45. pokemaster says:

    how do these things work? maybe i’ll press this button…

  46. RedBaron23 says:

    Hey! This is lemonade!

  47. Neon Sack Ninja says:

    YAY! WATER!!! Now… how does it work? Oh shoot, a No-Paw’s coming!

  48. ang3311 says:

    is this some kind of joke

  49. twanky says:

    what does a guy have to do to get some water???

  50. Dood says:

    Come, ON!!!!
    I ordered a cup, and now I want WATER!!!!!!!!

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