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What’s going on in this picture? What is this raccoon doing and what is he thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. Torivor says:

    It’s nice of them to leave food out for me, but I wish they wouldn’t put it in these bags…

  2. (Unknown user) says:

    U can’t see anything

  3. om nom says:

    Oooh, pink! My favorite color!

  4. msn131 says:

    Its just hanging around! Its thinking awwwwww… I ate way to much pizza!

  5. Born 4 Eagle says:


  6. smartman45 says:

    Come on Mom, 5 more minutes.

  7. sld says:

    that’s my lunch

  8. G says:

    Hey, what’s up bro?

  9. nyancat144 says:

    Don’t mind me.

  10. tigertug8 says:

    the boy scouts took all the hammocs so i guess this will be fine.

  11. gmod look it up says:

    mom hes stareing atme

  12. nater says:

    Depressed? Am I depressed? Of COURSE! This is trashy garbage right here! (Duh…)

  13. Mr. Narwal says:

    you scouts and your knots!

  14. Elephant Lover says:

    I’m tired, I’m just goin to lay here for a while.

  15. bodysteeler says:

    now will you give me fur coat!?

  16. 16 mile biker says:

    My mom warned me about this.Oh bother!

  17. call of duty pro says:

    hi mom i’m on tv

  18. call of duty pro says:

    just hang in

  19. bandit 12 says:

    Hey, kid, gonna finish that burger and fries?

  20. random says:

    This idea was an epic fail

  21. zombie-man says:

    EEW, whats that smell!

  22. awesome person says:

    ha ha ha, “bear bags”

  23. Bearbear says:

    I reeaalllyy can reach it……

  24. zombie-man says:


  25. mariomariomario&mario says:

    I’ll never reach the sky… *gloom*

  26. chipmunk says:

    but we have been walking for a whole 20 seconds….. is there anything to eat here

  27. Anonymous says:

    My head was in the clouds.

  28. Bugler says:

    My mom warned me about this.

  29. TTP11 says:

    Seriously? I’m trying to sleep!

  30. Mrbossosity says:

    I love shopping like this…it’s just that the humans don’t

  31. el awesome o says:

    can you pass thee salt and pepper pleese

  32. EpicMan says:

    Can you call the firemen? I`m stuck up here with trashbags!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    just 5 more mineuts

  34. Waves739 says:

    Are you serious?!?!?! The food is over on the other pole!!!! All of this is just dirty laundry and trash?!?!?!

  35. g-dawg says:


  36. Wiimaster101 says:

    Can’t… Reach!

  37. Batman says:

    What up fools

  38. Jedimaster4559 says:

    your tactics shall never stop me!!!!!!

  39. mailburrointraining says:

    they dont make these sleeping planks like they used to…

  40. #winning says:

    I’m to lazy to get the food.

  41. herobrine991 says:

    you woke me up!!!!

  42. Active boy says:

    You tied my dinner up too high!

  43. mezzzzzzzzz says:

    I`m just hanging out! ☺

  44. boomman1 says:

    What? Can’t let a racoon get rest?

  45. S man says:

    Just hanging around.

  46. cookiemonster1 says:

    is there FOOD in these bags?

  47. cookiemonster1 says:

    no i dont like hammocks

  48. ben says:

    that is weird

  49. Boombox says:

    Ahhhhh. Found a place to stay. Time for a found-a-place-to-stay-nap.

  50. Lucky **** says:

    Bad raccoon, down boy, bad raccoon!

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