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What’s going on in this picture? What is this hermit crab doing and what is he thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. jj says:

    My new years resolution was to eat healthier.

  2. Starfan101 says:

    Hmm, its a vegetable, but it tastes like chicken.

  3. telescopeguy says:

    You look seasick. Maybe you should get off the beach. HELLO?! HELLO?! ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING?!

  4. Ace says:

    I don’t think this will fit in my shell.

  5. b oy 267;/.;..;' says:

    hey! i am suppose to be paul bunyun .

  6. Srt says:

    Lettuce again really? We have been over this!

  7. alfred the 2nd says:

    I wish I was an arachnid.

  8. imweird says:

    now where did that magic beanstalk come from?!?!?!?

  9. Bro253 says:


  10. Treebeard says:

    I can’t believe I let this weed get this big before finally pulling it!

  11. PieEater says:

    I told you son! No video games till you eat your vegetables!

  12. bugbite says:

    eat your veggiies son

  13. RexSteel10 says:

    It’s all mine!!!

  14. Jeff the Killer says:

    Mom will be so proud!!!

  15. cookiemonster1 says:

    wheres my climbing screen?!

  16. skythekidRS says:

    mom i hate chores : (

  17. Fun says:

    And they said i couldn’t move trees. Amateurs!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Johnny boy says:

    “Precious my Precious”

  19. AJBB says:

    Giant Seaweed…

  20. nyancat144 says:

    I’m so glad that they’re replicating my natural habitat best they can.

  21. bossman says:

    i usually eat meat but im going vegetarian. ill miss steak

  22. Guggenheim says:

    Almost….there….yes yes yes!!!! TIMBER!!!

  23. Sparta says:

    So….hard….yes yes yes! TIMBER!!!!!!

  24. Peanut says:

    No really, what is the recommended daily allowance?

  25. Bugler says:

    This is too much to handle!!!

  26. Bugler says:

    This sandal is much too big!!!

  27. JThom63 says:

    Celery always made me a little crabby.

  28. bodysteeler says:

    I shall sing to you Ohhhhh my darlin……

  29. zombie-man says:

    This will be dinner for a week!

  30. Mr.Man says:

    Mom,I`m home!

  31. mezzzzzzzzzz says:

    “I`m starting a new diet. I pull these all day, then eat them!”

  32. Flame says:

    Ugg! I’m turning green!

  33. Scout98 says:


  34. Hunter says:

    This is not really a giant green plant…

  35. Dr.Doom says:

    What is this? I think it’s popeye’s food. I WANT HIS MUSLES WHAAAA

  36. servine2 says:


  37. CUB DAD says:

    97, 98 . . . what’s that . . . oh just working out . . . 99 . . .

  38. bobisnotslob2 says:

    whats this big thing i wonder if i can wear it

  39. Xx-B0B-Xx-64 says:

    HERMY!!!!! Get down from there!

  40. Deeper885 says:

    well, i got my new diet

  41. Celery Crab says:

    This is perfect for Thanksgiving! And Christmas Eve! AND Christmas Day!!!!

  42. nickai says:

    “to tree or not to tree.”

  43. Camaro zl1 says:

    I’ll be taking this!! :)

  44. spicegirls4 says:

    I tried going on a diet…..

  45. dalto says:

    who’s cooking outside?

  46. Hi says:

    its a Redwood!

  47. metor says:

    too big for your mouth!!! But not for mine!! NOM! NOM!

  48. Trololo says:

    Ha ha, luckily I found this lying around!

  49. BearGryllsisc00l101 says:

    I wonder if I can chew though this… stuff… I think not…

  50. salad333 says:

    I hate eating healthy

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