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What’s going on in this picture? What is this lizard doing and what is he thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. Lukelear-Bomb says:


  2. James Hugill says:

    Ah! this is to big. I asked for size 1/3

  3. Mister C says:

    I think this shoe is a tad too big for me

  4. chowder6642466 says:

    my mom says that i should stop wearing my dad’s shoes.

  5. B.B.J.26554 says:

    i’ve got big shoes to fill.

  6. Trollingman says:

    What did you say? This isnt my shoe?

  7. mr lizard says:

    wheres the rest of me?

  8. Boy Pilot III says:

    Hey! Didn’t I order Febreze for this stinky shoe?!

  9. Charlie and the chinchilla says:

    my cave has a hole in it…

  10. Tomixiv says:

    Vrooom Vrooom

  11. money55 says:


  12. Cool dude5 says:

    Ive GOT to get a new agent

  13. JEEZUSFREEK613 says:

    my car doesn’t have wheels

  14. x-wing says:

    i think my shoe to big

  15. Minteater says:

    FinishLine didn’t have my size.

  16. imuy says:

    They didn’t have my size!

  17. tttrfb says:

    A litte to big I think.

  18. YOOriginalCaps says:

    If the shoe fits, wear it. If It doesn’t, just crawl inside.

  19. Harrypotter2003 says:

    I just had the worst dream I fell asleep in a shoe!

  20. Harrypotter2003 says:

    Hey mom, look I’m an shoe-melian!

  21. Harrypotter2003 says:

    This taste like rubber, what is this?!

  22. Harrypotter2003 says:

    I think I found my solemate.

  23. SHADAP says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh…a nice cozy SHOE

  24. Harrypotter2003 says:

    Just taking a rest in my mobile home.

  25. thejoseph says:

    I need a refund.

  26. hsuj10 says:

    HELP! I’m trapped!

  27. hsuj10 says:

    My new house STINKS!

  28. bowler119 says:

    Nice cozy cave.

  29. shadoweater22 says:

    Hey you this isn’t your shoe get out

  30. dk2323 says:

    That’s why it smells in here

  31. allen51235 says:

    i say it is a toy lizard

  32. hello50 says:

    I think this is a couple sizes too BIG.

  33. AlaskaisAwesome!!!!!8 says:

    I ordered a MINUS 805, NOT an actual 805!!!!!!!!!And why does everyone think I am the Geico lizard????? That’s my cousin!!!!!!

  34. noctowl says:

    can I have the next size smaller

  35. noctowl says:

    this shoe is way too big

  36. JMat25 says:

    She turned me into a newt!

  37. wall135 says:

    I`ve sleeping in a shoe the whole time!

  38. wall135 says:

    Hey!Why can`t i fit in this shoe?shoe!

  39. AxTheMonkey says:

    I finally made it out of Shoe Valley!

  40. arocnosidamekili says:

    Hey! Where is my other shoe!

  41. GoHomeKidd23 says:

    I saved some much money with Geico I bought an extra large shoe!

  42. agent cool rule says:

    I said, my foot length is 5 mm, not 5 in!!!

  43. imaboss says:

    Now all I need is the match

  44. coolguy says:

    do you have any size smaller than this

  45. e=m2 c says:

    Shoe, can’t you see I’m resting.

  46. Moe-moe says:

    Now I’m really a lizard sandal worth wearing.

  47. Anonymous says:

    A nice bed………wait is this a shoe!?!?

  48. Winboy says:

    My mother still thinks I am growing!

  49. Jake says:

    My big brother said that there was supposed to be a cool new club meeting here, but why haven’t any kids shown up yet?

  50. Jake says:

    Hmmm – the box said “Small”, but it’s STILL to big!

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