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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. B.j says:

    You can’t see meeeeeeee.

  2. rosie&georgeCA says:

    “honey, i buried the kids”

  3. CoolGeek says:

    HELP MEEE!!!

  4. UbuntuXP says:

    The leaf monster got me! Gotta get the rake!

  5. bass says:

    ha ha you will never find me.

  6. batman says:

    hey im batman …..

    in stelth mode

  7. zninja says:


  8. Goat guy says:

    peek a boo!

  9. That Survival Freak says:


  10. donki says:

    the leaves just couldn’t leaf me alone

  11. legodude says:

    It spared no one… Not even the children!!!!!

  12. Cheeseburger of amazingness says:

    I am bonding with nature no literally there are vines growing on me

  13. FunnyCommenter:) says:

    I don’t want to wait for winter to be buried in snow. I guess leaves will have to do.

  14. Eman says:

    I think roachzilla is crawling up my Back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Jbeebs says:

    O no it’s the leaf man

  16. Wheatley says:

    Target lost…………… Are you still there?

  17. jj says:

    On Today’s episode of Hoarders… this kids parents say his leave collecting has gone too far.

  18. Starfan101 says:

    i just love getting buried in leaves in the autumm! it’s a very good tradition.

  19. I LIKE WHALES says:

    shhh im not here

  20. TayTay says:

    I SEE YOU!

  21. hfrhfrhfhruhf says:

    no one will ever find me! oops I forgot food and water.

  22. fhchfhvyfhy says:

    ha ha

  23. Anonymous says:

    AAA Mom, AAA Dad, is any one there

  24. Maverick0266 says:

    “Mommy, I cant find my phone, why did you throw it in here”
    Getting close to nature, the only way.

  25. telescopeguy says:


  26. telescopeguy says:

    When I said leave me alone, this is not what I ment!

  27. telescopeguy says:

    Can somebody let me out?!

  28. Ace says:

    Great job sis, now all we gotta do is find out how to put me in a frame.

  29. Rebecca says:

    help! i didn’t know it was this deep!!!

  30. plooo says:

    finished taking the picture?i think my mouth is getting a cramp.

  31. kilrdragon54 says:

    My new halloween costume!

  32. Eman524 says:

    I’m berried alive!!!!!!

  33. Ty says:

    Maybe if I go far enough down my mom won’t find me and take me to school

  34. dudetastic says:

    I have become one with the leaves -_-

  35. gperson says:

    they’ll never find me here… I’m bored

  36. Bro253 says:

    Im playing hide and seek…do uou think the seeker will notice me????

  37. PieEater says:

    common in gramps there’s plenty of room!

  38. nAte says:

    Woah, who cleaned that up?

  39. Kevin M. says:

    Mom, Dad, please don’t leave me!

  40. lightninger says:

    hey get out of my leaf property!

  41. YankeesMan19 says:

    I’m leafing you!

  42. manlydipper says:

    mom said that if I didn’t clean my room I might as well be sleeping in the great outdoors

  43. scoutguy says:

    stealth mode

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