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What’s going on in this picture? What is this kid doing and what is he thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. Bob says:

    I’m being eaten by alien leafs!!!!!!!!!

  2. Herobrine says:

    Rake the leaves? HA!!! The leaves rake me!

  3. Denner1 says:

    can you see me can you see me can you see me…

  4. machoskater says:

    is hibernation season over already?

  5. Mister C says:

    Look Mom! Im a tree!

  6. arcanine09 says:

    Soon Mr. Leafraker…

  7. Uranium138 says:

    ‘mornin’ there, you chaps

  8. skyguy says:

    must go toward the light!

  9. tony hawk fan says:

    hurry up and take my picture i hate it in here

  10. Lego Ninjago lover says:

    Has anybody seen a headless body wandering around?

  11. happy dude says:

    mom will never look hear

  12. Aviation Lover says:

    I froze in the leaves when I went camping.

  13. blitz[NLR] says:

    HELP!! it’s eating me alive!!!

  14. ninjaroxtar says:

    im timothy green

  15. Uranium138 says:

    Plant Wars: Armageddon

  16. Ramsees says:

    I see you but you cant see me

  17. Idon'tknowwhy says:

    Look, I’m a superhero: Leafman!

  18. Anonymous says:

    was something suposed to happen

  19. leafo says:

    I’m the great leafpile! I’m rising out of the super-leafy tree!

  20. skeletronprime988 says:

    man trouble found me again even while i was in camo!

  21. hahaha says:

    I’ve got to go

  22. hahaha says:

    I really need to pee!

  23. me myself and I says:

    And about once a year you can still catch a glimpse of that poor kid and hear his small sweat voice laughing as he jumped in to the five story leaf pile.

  24. someone somewhere says:

    I found where the draft was coming from!

  25. Folklore Rore says:

    AAAAH! I’m being eaten by a leaf-lion!

  26. ? says:

    you cant see me

  27. fred 4 says:

    great now all i need is the camo face paint and i can go a huntin’ yeha!!!

  28. ganandorf says:

    “They’re gonna be so scared when I jump out!”

  29. pie man says:


  30. agentblueX3 says:

    “You didn’t see anything”.”Got it?”

  31. John X says:

    NOOO not the new leaf monster from Minecraft!!!!!!

  32. Zogurt21 says:

    Mom, is this how you do wilderness survival?

  33. king joel says:

    hey mom I found a cool bed!!!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    My face is about to crack if nobody gets me out of this computer.

  35. link9126 says:

    hey I was taking a dirt nap

  36. pokemon lover says:

    My new fort!!!

  37. purple bird says:

    Just saying: This was so Photoshoped. I mean, really. Does it look real to you? PEECHTIVAL!

  38. istilldontknow says:

    Shush, I want to complete my Wilderness Survival merit badge.

  39. istilldontknow says:

    I rock at playing hide and seek.

  40. yolo says:


  41. Beatlesfan says:

    BEWARE THE DREAD KID-MUNCHING LEAFPILE!!!!!!!! (What’s he so happy for?)

  42. gameboss says:

    Hmm…This homemade leaf camo sleeping bag is not as comfy as I thought.

  43. Jdog2002 says:

    They will never find me!

  44. Ginga Ninja says:

    “I am the great pumkin. Sorry I’m late.”

  45. Alex says:

    Help! When is somebody going to break me out of this jail!

  46. Mister C says:

    I hope I dont get raked

  47. istilldontknow says:

    Where did all the leaves go?

  48. istilldontknow says:

    Man Overboard!

  49. istilldontknow says:

    Hey, I was taking a snooze!

  50. king dedede says:

    My pearly whites really shine through these leaves, don’t they?

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