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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. PedroLore2 says:

    Jack, can I sleep here? I am stuck!

  2. pack vs den says:

    Im Watching you

  3. Vader attack says:

    Hey, how do you like the new Christmas wreath?

  4. the black ninji says:

    a little help please.

  5. carter says:

    a little help plese

  6. gman says:

    help i am falling down a hole

  7. leaf guy says:

    why are they LEAVing me?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think they forgot about me. Man, I hate hide-and-seek.

  9. jman says:

    sorry I have to leaf

  10. Zak Attack says:

    “20,000 Leagues Under the Leafs”!

  11. Crazycat33 says:

    Finally! I can breath!! Wait…What am I covered in!? LEAVES??!! Im Allergic to leaves!!!!

  12. Mr.4wonder says:

    Son,I think your old enough to learn how to rake.

  13. wilderness survival 101 says:

    AHHHHHH! Best Blanket Ever.

  14. robodude says:

    large afro ain’t it?

  15. doodemanofdeath says:


  16. Ike says:

    “Ok” now how do I get out.

  17. Woody says:

    Great, now I won’t have to do my chores.

  18. blackbrandt says:

    How did I do on camouflage training?

  19. crabbybuildingblox says:

    Mom, quit standing there with the camera and GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!

  20. crabbybuildingblox says:

    Maybe swimming in leaves isn’t QUITE like water?

  21. Bob the story says:

    Help! those crazy squirrels stole my pants!

  22. Michael says:

    Hello,hello!!!Anybody here!!!Shoot,I’m stuck here forever!!!

  23. biego7 says:

    Wait, hide and seek was over 4 hours ago?!

  24. Michael says:

    Hello , hello ! ! ! Anybody here ? ? ? Shoot , I ‘ m stuck here forever now ! ! !

  25. me or u not me says:

    U guys better leaf me alone! i’m a leaf ninga!

  26. lime kozy says:

    goodbye life!

  27. Jack malalalalala says:

    I don’t see how this is a leaf pile party

  28. Xirxes says:

    Oh no!! Its the end of the world! I have to hide!

  29. user-of-this says:

    I have a gaint beard, now!!!

  30. facekat says:

    i’me Timothy greens brother

  31. Will says:

    Dead or alive?
    All I know is that he has been buried.

  32. jesse says:

    eehhh i have to hide from th e zombies

  33. big boy landon says:

    swim out the leaf shark might come

  34. Anonymous says:

    Shh! I think there’s a snail on me so I’m not going to move.

  35. dragonballzj135 says:

    Help… please… I’m hungry…

  36. Chuckaloid says:

    camo training camp now you see me now youd dont

  37. wolfwar123 says:

    “i gave my face to the newly created LEAF PILE. does it look good?”

  38. aeris says:

    I leafed the rake at home:)

  39. Dumbo says:

    I didn’t like my house so I leafed

  40. tiger says:

    oh no help th… the leaves!!! the… there eating me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Yo Mama says:


  42. TICKLE ME says:

    LIFE GAURD!!!!!

  43. G-Monster says:

    What is that kid trying to do comit suicide.

  44. super steve says:

    You can’t see me because i’m in a pile of leaves. BOOM!

  45. lagoon monster says:

    I’m. Sleeping like a bear sleeping during winter.

  46. lagoon monster says:

    Im a bear that’s geting ready to sleep treu winter.

  47. Leaf Guy says:

    This is why I love Hide and Seek!

  48. dave123qy says:

    don’t jump on me!

  49. TheMoonlightShadowWolf says:

    Nice,warm,and cozy.

  50. awesomeness says:

    I’m not here! I’m not here! I said, I’M NOT HERE!!
    Wait… am I?

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