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What’s going on in this picture? What is this squirrel doing and what is it thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. eagle1 says:

    Hey! This isn’t food! This is glue! Help!

  2. funnyscout says:

    To bury or not to bury? That is the question.

  3. dragodudeful2 says:

    i have to eat this stuff to wake up big eyed and bushy tailed

  4. Rolo says:

    Wow, what type of nut is this.

  5. YOLO says:

    “The more you drink, the faster you get. I really love coffee!”

  6. largeandincharge says:

    I invented Squrill scouts rule: never leave hot cocoa or it will get cold

  7. smartsmart says:

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

  8. L L blu jay says:

    Hey bud no littering allowed I mean this is good but no littering MM-MM

  9. Alpha1351 says:

    Funny looking nut, but mm-mm a tasty one.

  10. ? says:

    go away I’m trying to drink some hot chola- HEY YOU made ME SPILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ? says:

    ahhhh great to have hot chocolate in winter

  12. Dr. Crippled says:

    Fred left some Germs in my lunch, again.

  13. funnyman says:

    forget the coffie, go for the sugar and cream

  14. moe says:

    where is my bread??!!

  15. bobdude says:

    i think this would go good with a nutty cane and a mug of cocoa

  16. LOL says:

    MMM… That is some good joe!

  17. mr. greenbacks says:

    come on! first i try to eat but a dog chases me, then a kid trys to cach me, and now it’s rainning! what bad luck.

  18. fdfekfsfefs says:

    maybe thats why squirrels are hyper

  19. Dude101 says:

    Hello down there!

  20. nathan says:

    huh, i wonder why it tastes funny ? oh its not mountain dew oh well

  21. spaseman says:

    Yum ! I feel like BURP sleeping for awile.

  22. money55 says:

    I told McDonald’s i wanted double cream. sigh no one listens to a chipmunk nowadays.

  23. VAscouter says:

    Leave me alone! I have to finish before the scouts return from their hike,

  24. g-money says:

    did a boy scot leave this behind

  25. g-money says:

    thanks for letting me borrow your ranch dressing:-)

  26. forceman says:

    Nom Nom Nom

  27. Jake says:

    Mmmm…………Wait, what is this

  28. johnjohn says:

    Excuse me may I get some privacy! please

  29. BS 2013 says:

    I ordered more KETCHUP not BBQ SAUCE!!!

  30. spock$$$$$ says:

    mom cut my sugar intake, so i have to rely on the scout’s garbage.

  31. cookie says:

    daddy, there is a squirrel eating my buttercup!

  32. orangebird says:


  33. steve from minecraft says:

    Hey I orderd a pbj sandwich not a stinkin nut you idot.

  34. acb8484 says:

    how do you put this hat on?

  35. Dragon bid says:

    Umm..excuse me. Blargh!

  36. Folklore Rore says:

    Hey…I’ve heard of hot cocoa with no marshmallow, but MARSHMELLOW with no COCOA…that’s a different story.

  37. superscout12345679 says:

    “They say to stalk up on food for the winter, do you think this would count?”

  38. Harry Potter says:

    Can’t a squirrel eat in peace? I mean seriously. Thanks for the food. Now leave!

  39. AWESOME 100% says:

    WHAT!!! I wanted double expresso!

  40. Alsome Man says:

    o this latte is so good

  41. Me says:

    This coffee taste funny…

  42. Anonymous says:

    Is this stuf really for A squirrel or bread and its squishy

  43. Horsie says:

    Dude, why put this in coffee when you can drink it plain.

  44. Awesomeguy says:

    What?! What do you mean this is four weeks past it’s experation date?!

  45. ninjaguy says:

    Hey! I said I wanted a strawberry milkshake!

  46. Minecraftmaster says:

    MMMMM….. Don’t you just love a hot cup of dipping sauce on a cold winter day?

  47. Yum! says:

    “I have to finish this cereal bowl quickly – the scouts are coming!”

  48. black cougar says:

    what’s this the scout left behind? ( so much for leave no trace)

  49. jkl says:

    huh what’s this a peice of pie…

  50. Iamcheif says:

    Mm-mm… following the “leave no trace” rule can be tasty!

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