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What’s going on in this picture? What is this guy doing and what is he thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption”

  1. Ender says:

    SURE! ill believe them when they say “first class”!!!!

  2. Jbeebs says:

    How people fly

  3. jj says:

    Man these spending cuts are hitting everyone! Curse you, sequester, curse you!

  4. no1talk2me says:

    im gonna pull a wright

  5. Sam says:

    The hard way to do hangliding

  6. boysarecool says:

    I think I’m going to break the world largest air plane record.:-)

  7. Starfan101 says:

    I signed up to be a pilot and all they gave me was this huge paper airplane.

  8. coolness says:

    AT LAST I GET TO FLY!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. JUST READ IT!!!!! says:

    I don’t know HOW big this sheet of paper was!

  10. likeaboss359 says:

    i tried to cut it small…but whatever… (breaks his legs)

  11. Awesome 2 says:


  12. thor!!!! says:

    why is there a wall…..

  13. Mctyger says:

    Then, if I fly past someone, I’ll be able to prove my shrink ray worked!

  14. ian says:

    Flight tower launching of codename “pay per air plane” is underway

  15. beast says:

    writhe brothers got nothing on me

  16. JackBlack21 says:

    I know I won’t get a ticket for fast driving!

  17. bob person11111 says:

    the psychics just don’t work out

  18. telescopeguy says:

    Instant air-plane!(just add electronics)

  19. telescopeguy says:

    Lets see the teacher dodge this one!

  20. Johnny Q says:

    NASA….Cheaper, Better, Faster.

  21. Jake says:

    it says drive slowly………IM FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. The John says:

    This is the latest MAPV (Manned Aerial Paper Vehicle).

  23. Nikobeast says:

    Lets go paper diving

  24. joycat says:

    i am going to fly!

  25. Josiph says:

    I have too much time on my hands. I knew I should have gone to law school instead!

  26. dack331 says:

    Origami flying is going to be EPIC!

  27. Tobi says:

    I hope my insurance covers this…

  28. 1351 says:

    i knew the airport was at a tight budget, but dang thats a tight budget

    • lol jokes says:

      Man I wonder if i’ll fly into a tree to get a bigger paper airplane. These big sheets of paper are expensive.

  29. Ace says:

    I wonder if this is a good substitute for a parachute?

  30. YAY says:

    paper rules!

  31. m says:

    prepare for takeoff!

  32. yibyib says:

    5,4,3,2,1 lift off the p-1 jet is off

  33. Ideot says:

    The coursed airliners have to fly on courses, but I don’t!! I can fly ANYWERE!!!! HAHAHA

  34. Kylie says:

    I will fly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. The John says:

    I’m one of the wright brothers.

  36. jonathan says:

    To Infinity and beyond!

  37. minecraftman says:


  38. Me says:

    The plane ticket cost too much

  39. mr awsome says:

    now all I need is a shrink ray

  40. Nutmeg says:


  41. Phil says:

    Buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color?

  42. Crazymetalhead15 says:

    Fly, my pretty!

  43. kilrdragon54 says:

    Gee, training for the air force just isn’t what it used to be.

  44. Mr. Sean 2001 says:

    Thank you for flying Air Paper

  45. DocDoom2 says:

    Okay, Shoulders high, Knees forward, back bent, and here we go!!!

  46. Micheal says:


  47. creeper XD says:

    take off in 3 2 … cramp!

  48. Jesse says:

    I just got an airplane and you will stay alive

  49. Dominic says:

    I’m pretty sure this won’t work.

  50. buttermaster says:

    He wanted to fly, but he never made the grade

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