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What’s going on in this picture? What are these animals doing and what are they thinking?

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  1. King Cobra says:

    Bird:Gotcha now kitty cat! You shall now face the wrath of Professor Tweets!Bwa! Ha ha ha!

    Cat:You’ll never make me talk!

  2. gummybear says:

    bird:You may be wondering why I did this. Remember that bird you ate yesterday ? It was my mother!

  3. LG 47 says:

    haha who’s the Canary in desteress now


  4. Tata says:

    Think out side the cage

  5. Stevie says:

    Looks like it’s the canary that’s got the cat in this one!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I thought i saw a pussycat

  7. Anonymous says:

    well well well……….. you are my prisoner now

  8. The (other) Doctor says:

    Bird:Ha finally caught you sucka!

  9. LOLCAT says:

    So long sucker!!!

  10. mmm33397 says:

    I know that I’ve got to be free; Come together, my shrink ray! And set me free! And then reverse the effect!

  11. Curious says:

    I tawt i saw a Putty Tat…

  12. Togo Boffin says:

    Cat: You are going to get it tweetie!
    Bird: I think I saw a putty cat!

  13. joebob says:

    nanny nanny poo poo!

  14. coco says:

    cat: How did this hapen?
    bird: No idea.

  15. cherry says:

    bird: HA! I won!

  16. JAVA59 says:

    Wow!! Is this opposite day, or crazyness

  17. Jeff the Killer says:

    Bird: Ok, spit it out Cat, what happened to my parents!!!

    Cat: I will tell you, AFTER YOU LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!

    Bird: Tell me what happened to my parents first, then I will think about it.

    Cat: (mumbling) I ate them.

  18. Passcode1 says:

    Bird: Thanks for housesitting for me, Cat.

  19. Anonymous says:

    pay back time

  20. heywill says:

    It is my turn now. Do not even think about breaking out. *stomach growls*

  21. GRAY says:

    Staring contest….GO

  22. xton says:

    cat: why did I get talked in to this ?!?

    Bird: ’cause you have a tiny brain,that’s why. MWA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. chicken says:

    staring contest….GO

  24. Robot says:

    You think it’s fun taking food orders all day in here.

  25. Jamesers the Epic says:

    Bird: I`m so glad it’s Opposite Day!

  26. jacob w says:

    hey tom, aren’t you suppose to be chasing jerry!?!?!?

  27. HAxXeROr says:

    as soon as I get out this cage bird, YOU’RE SCREWED!!!!!!!

  28. zager7 says:

    cat: okay okay birds are better than cats

  29. Mikeyboy6123 says:

    Cat: I hate opposite day.

  30. Savvy says:

    Tweety would be happy……

  31. Sam says:

    Bird:Look who’s caged in now! Cat:Kitty want a cracker!Meow!Kitty want a cracker!

  32. the lego dude says:

    Okay, you can let me out now…. hey why do you have ear plugs in?

  33. iOS 7 says:

    bird: i finally got you

    cat: you shall pay

    bird: good luck with that. *flies away*

  34. The Zart says:

    HA! And you thought you’d catch me! Well, now the jokes on you!

  35. Akward1000 says:

    We are a little mixed up.This is awkward…

  36. Akward1000 says:

    I think we have this a little mixed up.Can you come in so I can eat you?

  37. manlydipper says:

    oh. I’m just hangin’ around.

  38. bomb says:

    cat: so wait, back up, how did i get in here?
    bird: i don’t know, but i like it.

  39. gopack75 says:

    you’re so lucky I’m locked in this cage right now!!!

  40. LOTR says:

    Bird: As they say, don’t let the cat out of the cage.

  41. WeBeLoS says:

    I’LL Get You Someday

  42. b says:

    bird:I love opposite day

  43. MASTER CHIEF says:

    Cat:This isn’t over bird!No mere cage can hold me!
    Bird:We’ll see about that.you should talk once we give you the catnip injection!

  44. Brad 1000 says:

    Bird: Eeeeeeeek! Whatcha ding in my cage?
    Cat: I was exploring the philosophy of a bird’s rather “restrained” life.

  45. Baconator says:

    This doesn’t feel right, does it fuzz ball?

  46. Deanthebean says:

    Bird Logic

  47. Marty the Monkey says:

    I’m so glad that the Bird is out there and I’m safe in here

  48. inquire within says:

    cat got your cage

  49. cold says:

    Bird: Now how does it feel.

    Cat: Okay I hate it now let me out.

    Bird: Never!

  50. ThatRandomGuy... says:

    Hey you…ya, you…Let me outta here, I got lotsa bird seed and I’ll make your life heaven *licks chops*

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