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  1. penguincap90 says:

    now that i’m free i get to eat in the litter box (whatever that means…)

  2. pretzle says:

    Bird: well cat this is what happens to you when you’re trying to eat me.
    cat: still not sympathetic.

  3. Gabe says:

    How you like it now CAT!!!

  4. dragon flame says:

    who’s the captive one now oh and please DON’T POOP IN MY CAGE

  5. bossman says:


    … i wonder what cat food tastes like!

  6. jake says:

    bird:I pulled the old switcheroo..

  7. Zog says:

    “Trying to eat you just became a whole lot harder.”

  8. Hobbs1 says:

    Bird:Polly wants a cat

  9. Phionex says:

    Bird have You tooken A Bath ?

  10. LittlestPetShopper says:

    Bird: Happy Opposite Day!

  11. mysteryman says:

    Bird: Ha,ha,sucka!

  12. Someone says:

    Well… This doesn’t seem right…

  13. Knuckles63 says:

    The last thing I remember was trying to catch that bird….

  14. Roo says:

    Bird: What’s up? Cat got your tongue?

  15. elm says:

    bird”cat got your cage”
    cat”no I was just uhhh looking for a napping place

  16. ironmanfan1 says:

    cat:im warning you,bird;let me out or i’ll…

  17. Epicdude says:

    Bird: Haha! It’s opposite day!

  18. Man of Cake says:

    Oh how the tables have turned

  19. Epicdude says:

    I love opposite day!!!!!!!!

  20. megabacon says:

    Bird: I think we need a bigger cage.

  21. Treebeard says:

    Bird: It’s so fun to play chicken with you.

  22. Buzzcut says:

    Cat: I’m still not sympathetic…..

  23. Some one who likes this photo says:

    Bird: For once I have the Freedom (and the litter box)

  24. NYAN CAT says:

    Cat: Next time Tweets, next time. …

  25. CMan T874, MD says:

    meanwhile, in a parallel universe…

  26. Knuckles63 says:

    How did I end up here…?

  27. Knuckles says:

    How did I end up here??

  28. sonicfan7642 says:

    Ah tweet, tweet revenge

  29. Sonicfan7642 says:

    I taught I taw a puddy tat.

  30. Zandaer says:

    Cat:Well this is ironic.

  31. 1994 says:


  32. Will says:

    What are you doing in my cage?

  33. Jack Malalalalala says:

    I did! I did tee a puddy tat!

  34. thundah_jack says:

    Bird: Now I will (try to) eat you!

  35. science guy says:

    I hate jailbirds.

  36. bob42 says:

    well you did say that you would see me on the flip side.

  37. PD572 says:

    An interesting way to stop me from attacking the bird

  38. mad man says:

    we cant trade our time cards any more

  39. geoff says:

    it’s unlocked

  40. Cfthgdbhghgv says:

    I am a zombie bird and I am going to make you a zombie cat

  41. M&M says:

    Bird: “Sorry Cat! Next time.” :)

  42. marty says:

    The cat has set a trap on the bird.

  43. PigMayor02 says:

    Nicely played Bird, nicely played.

  44. NoParking says:

    Now let’s see…I jumped at the bird and then…

  45. TheBoyScout!!! says:

    Bird: Well, well, well! It looks like the tables have turned!!! Mwa-ha-ha!!!!!!!!!

  46. Obadiah smith says:

    Ha ha kitty galore can’t help you now

  47. codmeister1 says:

    Now who’s in the cage

  48. Sherbert says:

    Looks like someone else has been caged. :)

  49. Johnska says:

    Cat Seriously, the bird chased me in here and the witch is pretending that we changed souls

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