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  1. 000 says:

    bird: i want to eat the cat before opposite day is over

  2. Blue Bill says:

    Birdy:Payback!!!!!! Honey get the camera I need this photo!!!
    Cat:Wait how did I get in here?!?

  3. tigertug8 says:

    (cat) what’s wrong with this picture?
    (bird) i don’t know but i like it!

  4. the funny man says:

    this… is not how it works

  5. Fire dragon says:

    Opposite day for tweety and slyvester.

  6. coolcat says:

    bird: haha! look at you! looook at you!!!
    cat: as soon as i get out of here you’re going to be my lunch!!!!!!!!!!

  7. govpants says:

    Wait a minute! This isn’t right!!

  8. dack331 says:

    Why cruel world!

  9. dack331 says:

    Um… awkward.

  10. Coach Medford says:

    Bird: Remember the story of the lion and the mouse…
    Cat: yes…
    Bird: I ain’t no mouse.

  11. t.bullett3 says:

    Haha! I’ve got you now Sylvester!

  12. Tadpole says:

    (cat) I swear on all 12 of my claws, I will never try to eat you again.
    (bird) Do you think I’ll fall for that again?

  13. Ace says:

    Cat: This could be a problem!
    Bird: I agree, now I am homeless.

  14. unicorn powers! says:

    Wait… somethings wrong!

  15. zman says:

    i thought i saw a putty cat

  16. My Mom says:

    Ahhh… can you please let the cat out of the bag

  17. coolman says:

    i hate opposite day

  18. comet9929 says:

    ugh I hate when it turns inside out!!!

  19. tom says:

    Whats the matter? Cats got your tounge?

  20. Bananaman says:

    Uh, something tells me one of us is about to fall…

  21. Kylie says:

    How’s it feel?

  22. lightning jolt says:

    Bird:now that you are trapped in there,I am free to go. Cat:When I get outa here you WILL be my lunch.

  23. The John says:

    PUDDY CAT!!!!!!!

  24. Firestar25 says:

    Your lucky I’m behind bars!!!

  25. Alex says:

    Tweety bird just wait until I get my revenge!

  26. websamurai99 says:

    can you let me out?!

  27. jaws jr. says:

    Ha ha taste of your own medicine .

  28. Yopup says:

    The cats out of the bag… and in the cage!!

  29. Srt says:

    Dosen’t feel so good does it???

  30. lord of serpents says:

    That’s what ya get for locking ME up sucka

  31. Luna Moonsilver says:

    Cat: When I get out of here…

  32. dragongirl says:

    now itz ua turn babes

  33. dragonfriend says:

    So close, yet so far….

  34. HydraNight says:


  35. Super Penguin7 says:

    I love the cat zoo!

  36. kidman says:

    What’s wrong with this picture?

  37. Eskimo says:

    Now you know how I have felt all of this time.

  38. Mfras23 says:

    No fair! I eat you

  39. waddle dee says:

    cat: we switched bodies!!!
    bird: yay, im free!!

  40. The Seventh Warrior says:


  41. spy says:

    ha ha now you’re in the cage and i get to brake in and eat you:):):)!!!!!!

  42. Crazy karl says:

    bird: I am a mighty switcheroo wizard
    cat: that’s just great( sarcasticly)

  43. 5 says:

    the switch a job day is misrable

  44. T10 says:

    aallmmoosstt there…

  45. What's up says:

    “Ha ha, jokes on you!”

  46. P0keF4n says:

    That’s karma bro.

  47. firedude12321 says:

    HA HA Cats in the cage now! HA HA HA HA!

  48. Crazymetalhead15 says:

    “Oh, how the tables have turned…”

  49. 6jo says:

    Somethings not right here.

  50. kilrdragon54 says:

    Bird:Hey kitty! Cower in fear at my superiority over you!
    Cat: Why I oughta…

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