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What’s going on in this picture? What are these animals doing and what are they thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. xman37 says:

    “I fail to see the humor in this.” -Cat

  2. allstar23 says:

    Alright, you had your fun.NOW LET ME OUT!

  3. hi says:

    bird:oh how the tides have turned

  4. Dash 498 says:

    You’re enjoying this aren’t you?

  5. c10 says:

    I gotta get the camera….this is a moment to remember!

  6. Iamchief says:

    What manner of trickery is this evil tweety!?!

  7. hello says:

    you got away this time birdy

  8. y-man says:

    Hay, cat that’s my cadge! Get out NOW!

  9. fish says:

    the putty cat is caught? yay!

  10. Infinity Project says:

    “soooo…how is the new place?”

  11. mike says:

    i tawt i saw a putty tat in my cage. i dd i did tee a putty tat

  12. nate the great says:

    I thought I saw a puddy tat

  13. coldfire says:

    Cat:Shut up….

  14. powerminer says:


  15. ziar500 says:

    how did you get in there fuzzyface?i was in there…………….

  16. Zynite349 says:

    “Good evening. I know you ordered the house special, but I’m sorry, it looks like there’s been a change of plans.” (Flies away) “Mwahahaha!”

  17. bilbo says:

    wow this teleporting machine works better than the tweet gun!

  18. UNSC Infinatey says:

    Cat: “You know I must eat you for this.”

    Bird: “I would like to see you try!”

  19. zzzzzzzzz says:

    you are arrested for being a cat.

  20. ester says:

    now you know how I feel

  21. BuckinBronc says:

    whattya tink now puty tat

  22. toadeeboy says:

    hhmmmm i wonder how fried cat tastes?

  23. Anonymous says:

    alright i did it, now just give me the 5 dollars

  24. enchilada says:

    I said I’m sorry what else do you want.

  25. Nocker says:


  26. Tobuscus says:

    Cat Wars Episode V: The Birdpire Strikes Back!

  27. dan says:

    THAT CAT IS STUCK IN A CAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. will says:

    Meanwhile,in a parallel universe…

  29. Edward says:

    Your a funny looking bird.

  30. z says:

    Come here Tweety Cat

  31. 123456789lord says:

    “wow, did you rig the bird cage?”

  32. epicman says:

    oh come on

  33. ButterHero says:

    Ironic, isn’t it?

  34. commander4 says:

    I you send this to YouTube I’ll eat you

  35. luke says:

    I thought I saw a putty cat….. I did! I did see a putty cat!

  36. thrasher says:

    What are you looking at?

  37. Ninja says:

    Hmm…now where have I seen this before?

  38. pie says:

    evetualy I am going to get out of this cage

  39. Rsd123 says:

    Cat:Please let me out.
    Cat:But I get claustrophobic.
    Cat:I’m gonna faint. (Faint)PLOP!!!!

  40. bill bill says:

    I want to get you right now, but that blind grandma put me in here insted of you!

  41. R2-D2 says:

    Get me out of here,Birdbrain!

  42. toadeeboy says:

    i wonder o cooked cat tastes?

  43. greenster660 says:

    Cat im sorry we had thes hard times but you tried to eat me now im going to carry you into the furnace to die

  44. BFABI says:

    Just you wait……

  45. Dog says:

    Somethings not right here….

  46. sharpie says:

    see, this is what happens when you make grandma smith angry!

  47. Puertorican gobblin says:

    No, no, little kitty just stay there for a little moment………….

  48. Cat lover says:

    You won this round tweety bird, now, GEY ME OUT OF HERE!

  49. lockhead says:

    hey,do you know where the key is

  50. jboy322 says:

    im not leating you out entell you stop trying to eat me!!!!

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