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What’s going on in this picture? What are these animals doing and what are they thinking?

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  1. Addo&Addo says:

    I think you’ve watched too much TV, bird.

  2. M0e says:

    Wow, talk about being out of your comfort zone.

  3. hotrodgd says:

    I knew I shouldn’t have beleved you when you said there was free tuna in this cage.

  4. msn131 says:

    oh how the tables have turned

  5. yomomma says:

    they told me I could be anything I wanted to be so I became a bird that looks like a cat

  6. tuvok9597 says:

    hey look room service

  7. slinkykid says:

    I got you puddy cat

  8. Sam says:

    Birdie get me out of heerree!!!!

  9. legoboss52 says:

    serves you right!

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. warped wiseman says:

    Cat:Enough with the cat jokes! I am not a flying squirrel!

  12. xian17 says:

    Your gonna tweet about this arent you.

  13. xian17 says:

    So is this what Humans call irony

  14. mee67eee says:

    Curses , foiled again !

  15. chipmuck says:

    does kitty want a cracker?

  16. Knoxville Jr icebears left-D says:

    Cat:I hate you. Bird:succer yo can’t touch this.

  17. Fido Da Dog says:

    your claws can’t help you now kitty cat!

  18. 007 says:

    welcome to cat prison, and yes all the guards are birds to annoy you.

  19. the foot of tender says:

    Granny really needs to find her glasses!

  20. ksook says:

    I know how you feel.

  21. keds says:

    I think I saw a pussy cat!

  22. DOOD says:

    GET ME OUT!!!!

  23. Insane dood says:

    finally, food!

  24. awesome dood says:

    Save me Mr. Bird!

  25. Ender says:

    My how the tables have turned.

  26. Aosc2 says:

    It seems the tables have turned.

  27. Brains says:

    I tot I taw a tweety bird!

  28. Brains says:

    Look who’s in the cage now putty-tat!

  29. AwesomeGuineapig says:

    Why did you put me in this cell, birdy? YOU’RE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!

  30. The Master of All says:

    Am I a Cat or A Bird?

  31. SHILOH1959 says:

    Now tell me where your feline friends are or I’ll feed you to the dogs

  32. person says:

    You couldn’t of done this alone. Where is your partner in crime…Jerry!

  33. skythekidRS says:

    so how do like it to be in a cage?

  34. nt45 says:

    its like your own meal is eating you.

  35. king dedede says:

    Freaky Friday all over again.

  36. zoomsuper says:

    Not very “Tweet” for you is it?

  37. dsgdrop says:

    cat: look at me! I’m a bird, I’m a bird!
    bird: ok then, where’s your wings? Once you grow wings, i’ll give you flying lessons, ok?

  38. forg says:

    it’s not my size

  39. andriod says:

    This is how I got …What on earth!
    I got a sidekick!

  40. jman says:

    IT’S A TRAP!!!

  41. Campod400 says:

    Ha!! Who’s in the cage Now!!

  42. JaCk says:

    Look what the bird flew in!

  43. dragonspitfire9 says:

    Tweety bird strikes again

  44. Tanfan says:

    Now i’ll be the one tweating you!

  45. dstar says:

    “How did diner get outside?”

  46. Boby says:

    Seriously bird, not funny.

  47. Pika says:

    This is the opposite of deja’vu

  48. camden says:

    if you tickle me with a feather your dead

  49. ton says:

    Ooh great.My owner’s going to kill me because of you!

  50. CJJ says:

    ”tweety tweet” ”meow meow”

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