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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. ringer says:

    want to trade lunches?

  2. ogfo dman says:

    Nice ride

  3. XeriLazor says:

    I am NOT about to be scooped into the construction pile. Meanwhile, what will i do with all this dirt in my sandwich?

  4. XeriLazor says:

    What’s this?– Whoa, is this bench moving?

  5. XeriLazor says:

    Blast it! The dirt got in my food again!

  6. webfoot man says:

    a’ scoop’ of tuna again


    this food is heavenly but the seats are still being built

  8. 207 bull says:

    Don’t we usually control this thing,not the other way around.

  9. Amazing2487 says:

    You really think you can see my house from here?

  10. the BOSS says:

    hold on a second where is my toothbrush and my sleeping bag?

  11. snooppoop says:

    wanna trade?

  12. The boy scout says:

    Yay a happy meal! What toy did you get?

  13. Stormtrooper K2427 says:

    Asphalt pie again?!

  14. Boyscout bananza says:

    This is how you have lunch the fun way

  15. Randy says:

    Are you going to eat that last bite?

  16. dingo says:

    whoo! it was soooooo worth the food !

  17. minecraftlord says:

    this is what you get for lunch when you don’t let your wife watch her cooking show

  18. Waves739 says:

    Oh yea fire flower!!!!!

  19. Lego dude says:

    hey what to play video games?

  20. skywalkervader13 says:

    Tuna again??? What happened to “can I have something with meat today?”

  21. Nightwing says:

    Do you wanna trade?

  22. jazzie bell says:

    Ugh Sandwich again !?!

  23. guy625 says:

    this food is soooo good its lifting me straight to heaven

  24. HAxXeROr says:

    lollygagging REALLY paid off for playing VIDEO GAMES!!!

  25. blerg says:

    Hey i got a truckload of beans

  26. aswomness says:

    What you doing? Chilling.

  27. JScout says:

    I got ham …… Why are we moving, Fred?
    Because SOMEONE asked the boss for cooler chairs and this is what we got.

  28. char says:

    ”I like these new kinds of benches.”

  29. smiley says:

    these men know how to work and eat at the same time

  30. 6tall says:

    Hey Bill, are we there yet?

  31. Buzz! says:

    Pedro Get back to work!

  32. pinkywantpizza says:

    Man, why did we have to trade? I’m allergic to ham

  33. kingcole143 says:

    We are on strike

  34. so coooooool says:

    It’s back to the junkyard dad

  35. scout k says:

    Why are we sitting here again?

  36. Bug says:

    Well we got small lunches but at least we got a break from building our house.

  37. olive tree says:

    lucky you got ham! switch?

  38. bobby says:

    do you have star wars?

  39. some one says:

    What Super Mario no fare!

  40. Jack Malalalalala says:

    Sadly, a cafeteria isn’t in the budget.

  41. Benny2c says:

    Are these lunches getting smaller or am i getting bigger?

  42. ty says:

    You gonna eat that?

  43. boomer says:

    dude, this is your ride?

  44. geologyrocks says:

    Unfortunately, they forgot to put on the brakes until too late…

  45. future eagle scout says:

    wanna trade??

  46. Rock Star 627 says:

    I have ham & cheese. What do you have?

  47. Rock Star 627 says:

    Okay everyone, take 5!

  48. lego dude says:

    my wife’s cooking is terrible!!!

  49. me love kraziness says:

    You got a video game!?!?!

  50. starscout says:

    Darn budget cuts took away our benches.

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